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Riverside, California 2021-05-04 21:39:21 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — A new study reveals that fishing and boating are one of the safest outdoor activities when it comes to coronavirus pandemics. In 2020, more than 55 million Americans won the pole.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, more than 500,000 fishing permits were issued in Texas during the 2019-2020 season.

“It’s a safe environment,” Johnson said. “You haven’t been in close contact with others outside the house, so I think we’ve seen such an increase in fishing since the pandemic began.”

Captain Jesse Toless, the owner of the guide service, said that the pandemic initially slowed the business, but now he has suffered a lot of bites.

“When it first happened last year, it was dead in March and April,” Torres said. “I was afraid that everyone didn’t want to travel. Then in May the lights switched and I couldn’t open the day. Everyone was fishing, boat sales skyrocketed and Everyone was buying a boat. “

According to Johnson, Texas Parks and Wildlife will directly return the funds generated from the license sale to TPWD’s support, including habitat restoration, fish replenishment, and maintenance of recreational space available to Texas people. He said he hopes this trend will continue.

“The more fishermen there go out, the more money is generated to return to our environment,” Johnson said.

Captain Torres also agrees that growing interest is good for the entire fishery.

“COVID actually helped a lot of us, so it didn’t hurt so much. Many people coming from outside the town, fishing was good, business was good, it was good,” Torres said. ..

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation expects this increase in participation to continue throughout 2021.

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