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Fits like a (Gold) glove: Arenado finding his bearings at Cardinals camp | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-02-23 00:15:00 –

Jupiter, Florida ( — Some of the adjustments Nolan Arenado has recently become accustomed to with the new team have been practical.

A native Californian knew that his body needed some time to adapt to the three-hour difference between Pacific time and Eastern time. Arenado was ready to embark on a new journey with a new franchise for the first time since it was drafted 12 years ago, and believed he would arrive at Jupiter long before the Cardinals’ first full squad training in the spring. Redbird gets a worm, so to speak.

It took a few days for St. Louis’ latest superstar to find his bearings on Florida’s southeastern coast, but Arenado’s advanced plans report by the time official spring training for fielders begins on Monday. I was struck.

“I’m fine now,” Arenado said of a forced update of his body clock. “I was hurt there for a while, but I’m fine now.”

Through a social media post last week, Cardinals fans discovered that Arenado looks very natural in red.

Returning to the swing of things at the beginning of another baseball season is an annual process and the COVID era added a new layer to it, but all accounts fit Arenado like Cardinals teammates and gloves. It shows that it is.

“The first day is always a little different,” Arenado said. “It’s been a long day, but I got on the field smoothly.”

Arenado took appropriate action as he participated in live batting practice on Monday with veterans Paul Goldschmidt and Matt Carpenter, whom he had personally met before becoming a teammate.

“It was fun talking to them about the game in groups,” Arenado said. “It was a good and solid day. It was a very easy day wearing pants with the team.”

Beyond Goldschmidt and Carpenter, Arenado spent time trying to find out the rest of his new teammates under some unusual circumstances when the camp began. Instead of hanging out at locker stalls or gathering around a clubhouse lunch table during the spring, Team Bonding is a small meal or conversation in one of the many tents set up throughout the complex. It is done in groups.

Despite the challenge, Arenado enjoys analyzing routine questions to learn more about his new baseball family.

“It was great,” Arenado said. “If anything, I don’t know what some of their faces look like. That’s the only difference. But other than that, it was a pretty smooth voyage. We all got along We’re talking. We’re spending enough time with each other outside. Inside, they don’t want us to do that, so in an outside tent, etc., we sit more than 6 feet apart. I’m talking and communicating about the game. I love it. “

It’s still a bit early for Arenado to have the opportunity to prove its impact on the field, but the Cardinals won’t start playing the Grapefruit League until Sunday, February 28th. Elite Globeman is keen to participate in a defensive partnership with Plus. The fielders were scattered everywhere.

“Obviously, we have great defense,” Arenado said. “A great outfielder, and then we have some really good pitching. That will bring us a long way. On the offensive side, we need to be clearly better and help the team win. There are some great defenses, and I’m really looking forward to it. That’s how we achieve some great wins and it will carry us. .. If you take the groundball with all of them, they all look basically healthy, and they work fine. It was really nice to see. “

Along with Arenado comes a lineage that strengthens the Cardinal’s powerful defenses and shakes its often nasty attacks. For a long time, their deal with the cornerstone of the hot corner dropped the entire offseason in place.

Now that he has landed in Jupiter, Florida with the rest of the new crew, the actual work begins in earnest.

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Fits like a (Gold) glove: Arenado finding his bearings at Cardinals camp | News Headlines Source link Fits like a (Gold) glove: Arenado finding his bearings at Cardinals camp | News Headlines

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