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Five charts showing how the coronavirus pandemic evolved


Our world in the data

Hannah Ritchie, Principal Investigator Our world in the dataSince the beginning of the pandemic, it has helped to provide daily covid-19 data to the world. Here she chooses five charts that stand out from the others.

1.1. Lockdown all over Europe

“I think everything looks a bit vague now, but around March 2020 we were in such an unknown territory. Countries were trying to figure out what to do. Most of mainland Europe has already Despite being blocked, Britain has been waiting too long. Useful snapshot This shows a delay in the UK. If you take action early, many lives may have been saved in the first wave. “

2. British winter waves

“Each country has its own wave patterns and timings. Some were even worse. [their] autumn.I think so The clearest winter wave was England,in particular “British variant”, Raised many concerns in other countries. Over the course of several weeks, it recorded more than 1000 deaths per day. “

3. Vaccine campaign started

“This may be Most important indicator We track for years. “

Four. Indian epidemic

“The Indian curve began to rise in earnest in early March, but received little attention. Until it’s too late. confirmed Case And death The number of outbreaks is likely to significantly underestimate the actual scale of outbreaks. “

5.5. South American relentless battle

“There was a fairly clear wave of the new coronavirus in many countries, and infection rates declined in the months following a major epidemic. However, in some South American countries, There have been relatively high levels of infection and death for almost a year. They are not really done Put it under controlCurrently, much attention is being paid to India, but South America has been hit hard in many ways. We also believe that mortality is far more common than confirmed deaths. “

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Five charts showing how the coronavirus pandemic evolved

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