Five Inmates Will Run for ANC Seat in Ward 7 Tuesday – NBC4 Washington – Washington, District of Columbia

Washington, District of Columbia 2021-06-13 21:41:21 –

As part of DC’s efforts to increase the turnout of imprisoned people, a unique election will be held on Tuesday to fill the seats of the Advisory Committee on the 7th District (ANC).

Five prisoners are running in search of vacant seats to represent the development of a DC prison and a new townhouse on Capitol Hill.

They are Aaron Brown, Joel Caston, Keith Alonzo Little Page Hill, Gary Proctor and Kim Thompson.

This effort began as a way to foster more neighbor relationships between prison residents and neighbors in the surrounding area.

“I heard we need to do more,” said Julie Johnson of the Neighbors for Justice group. “From someone passing by [what we heard was], “Oh, there are always unfilled ANC seats in prisons.”

So with the help of the Correctional Bureau (This helped the candidate create a video announcing his run), The Election Commission and other agencies have begun to face the unique challenge of conducting referendums in prisons.

“How can I get everyone in prison to vote and know what the election and its role mean?” Laura Forsythe of Neighbors for Justice said the group asked herself. It was.

Anthony Petty, another founding member of Neighbors for Justice, said it was worth the job.

“So now, when problems can occur [Correctional Treatment Facility] Or DC prison, now they don’t have to worry if the guards are doing what they are supposed to do, “Petty said. “Now you can talk to the ANC commissioner, he can talk to other ANC commissioners, and everyone can get things done.”

Mr Petty, who was imprisoned, said elections weren’t just about the other side of the wall. Broader issues, such as affordable housing, are also important.

In addition to creating new voting blocks, supporters are also helping to instill a sense of civil activity and involvement that often helps those imprisoned after they leave prison.

“That’s something we all need to work on,” Petty said.

Five Inmates Will Run for ANC Seat in Ward 7 Tuesday – NBC4 Washington Source link Five Inmates Will Run for ANC Seat in Ward 7 Tuesday – NBC4 Washington

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