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SONORA (CBS13) —Five children have lost their mother after a suspected drunk driver hits a car head-on. The deadly wreck took place on Monday night at Phoenix Lake Road near Sonora.

Since Monday, Robin Grove and her family have been living in an unwakenable nightmare.

“You can’t sleep and you can’t eat. When you sleep, you have nightmares, you expect to see her, and she’s all there for selfish acts. That’s not the case, “Globe explained.

Her 33-year-old daughter Melissa Patania returns home on Monday after Sonora CHP says that 19-year-old Augustus Matthew Marinovic drove head-on into Melissa’s car with her four children. There wasn’t. Patania was only four minutes from her home when the fatal crash happened. CHP says Marinovich was drinking.

“Personally, I hope he will rot in hell. I’m so angry now that I can’t forgive him,” Globe said.

All four children aged 6 to 13 were seriously injured and airlifted to the UC Davis Medical Center. Some children have had multiple surgeries and the youngest have a skull fracture.

“I always pray that my grandchildren in the hospital will be healed and come home,” Globe said.

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Globe said Melissa’s life was centered around her five children. Her family describes her personality as fun, cheerful, loving and ironic. Globe explains that her daughter was adventurous and liked to go fishing.

“I find it difficult to want to live. I know I have a family and I love them with all my heart, but our family is no longer perfect,” Globe explains. Did.

Melissa’s family says they are focusing on her children and wishing them a complete recovery from their injuries.

“We’re going to fight for those kids, and we’re going to raise them, and they’ll never forget their mother,” she said.

All four children are still in the hospital, two of whom will be released next week.

Marinovich was also seriously injured. He has been charged with felony drunk driving and manslaughter of a vehicle.

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