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Five takeaways from Northside’s loss to Washington-Marion | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Watching the Northside Vikings fall to 0-2 during the season after a 21-14 home defeat to Washington Marion Chargin Indians at the Viking Stadium on Friday is not a fun gaming movie.

A week after suffering a one-point loss in the northwest, the Vikings saw a fourth-quarter lead slip off due to another frustrating loss.

1. Missed Viking opportunity

The biggest one probably came in the first play of the fourth quarter. Leading 14-13 and facing 3rd from Washington Marion 44, Northside failed to snap with a loss of 2 yards. The fourth down attempt resulted in an incomplete path to turn it over in the down.

In the next play, the Indians took the lead with a 54-yard touchdown run.

“Turnobars, penalties, mental mistakes,” said Northside coach John Simmons. “We called three timeouts in the third quarter due to personnel issues. We almost beat ourselves in the third and fourth quarters. These mistakes we are making Only kills the momentum.

“It’s all fixable, but we need to work on it now. We need to fix it in the next three weeks. If we can’t fix them, we won’t win a soccer match.”

2. Indians ride big names

Washington Marion finished 14-7 in the second half of the third quarter and commanded the game using big play. In 3rd and 11th place, quarterback Justin Thomas hit Ray Thomas flat. He quickly avoided two tackles and ran through 51 yards for a touchdown. The extra points were blocked, but the Indians were approaching at 14-13.

Then, in the next offensive play from Scrimmage, Joey Simmons loosened his bust for a 54-yard touchdown run prior to a two-point conversion to explain the final score of 21-14. ..

3. The north side has a promising young back

With one defeat to the northwest, the freshman who ran back to Labonti Hebert collected 46 yards and touched down with six carries. Unfortunately, he was injured and didn’t play on Friday. But instead of him, there was a fellow freshman running back to Ja’Nathan Bonnet, who delivered 51 yards with 13 carries.

“There is certainly progress,” Simmons said. “We’re on a different team than last week and no freshmen have been running back since last week. He’ll be back next week. Bonnet played a beautiful game today. I complain about him. I can’t say. He actually shocked me tonight. He ran hard. He did a good job. “

4. Northside attack has no rhythm

In the first 12 attack plays on the North Side, the Vikings collected only a total of 3 yards. In the next 14 plays, the North Side cast a total of 129 yards. After that, the next 7 pass attempts resulted in 6 incompletes.

“They jumped into several different defenses,” Simmons said. “They had a pretty good plan against us. They changed their defenses in almost every play.

“We were able to make adjustments and run the ball further.”

Senior quarterback Devonquailen Portalis finished the game with a 7-of-18 pass and a 103-yard pass, in addition to a touchdown with 68 yards and 14 carries.

5. Defense has progressed

A week after losing the 34-33 decision to the northwest, the defense of the young Vikings gave the attack more opportunity with this.

Until the Vikings became aggressive, the defense created two fumbles in the first half and was forced to turn them inside out to keep the North Side close to Washington Marion.

“Last year we started nine kids who didn’t defend for us, so we’re going to give up some bumps and bruises,” Simmons said. “But tonight’s defense worked much better. The defense played some big plays. I dropped some. There were some interceptions that I might not have been able to get, but that’s okay. Overall, the defense played a better game. “

In the end, Thomas in the quarterback hit a 10-of-17 pass with 124 yards and 2 scores, while there were too many Simmons in a 146-yard rush with 16 carries.

Five takeaways from Northside’s loss to Washington-Marion | High Schools Source link Five takeaways from Northside’s loss to Washington-Marion | High Schools

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