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Flannel announces “breakthrough” flagship, adding beauty for the first time

The Frasers Group remains one of the best groups. Active As far as store openings are concerned, the UK’s leading retailers announced the latest major developments on Monday.New branch flannel Shefield opened a door covering 55,000 square feet, offering ready-made clothing and accessories for women and men, as well as kidswear, activewear, and first-time cosmetology.


The company said it was “the most digitally-enabled store in northern England.” “”Introducing the world’s first new market service including beauty changing, completely rebelling against the conventional “beauty hall” model room concept”.

The store is “”It is the largest luxury retail investment ever in the city, with over £ 10m in investment. “

The company aims to open 10 more flagship stores over the next 10 years, “many will be announced by 2025.” In the short term following Shefield, we will open two new flagship stores in Leicester and Liverpool.The· Liverpool The opening will be the city’s first large-scale multi-brand luxury destination. Located on Parker Street, it covers 120,000 square feet and takes over the former Owen Owen department store building. The Liverpool Store is a seven-story building with an entire floor dedicated to “expansive” beauty destinations, rooftop restaurants, leisure, activewear and high-performance sportswear. This “World of Active” concept space also includes a “pioneering” fitness studio.

Returning to Sheffield, the company said the first flagship store “shows a crucial moment for the business.” Not only focusing on digital, but also ” [the] A city signed by a 15-year rental agreement. “

And that new beauty move “means the company’s major and long-term investment in this category, and in contrast to the London-centric strategy adopted by the sector, the world to viewers across the UK. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to bring a class experience. Stores for hundreds of years. “

A new concept called Flannels Beauty is “a modern understanding of how consumers work on beauty-a unique combination of multiple brands, price ranges, and heritage, challengers, luxury brands, and pharmacy brands.” Is based.

It includes not only the product itself, but also “the world’s first cosmetic feature that takes beauty retail to the next level.” The beauty changing room feature is an interactive, digitally connected private space “designed for testing, trial and play.” And then there is the “First Flannel Beauty Bar”. [plus] The latest “menu” of trends, products and exclusive beauty collaborations.

Of course, fashion is very important for new places and features an ever-evolving roster of fashion labels, along with world-class food and drink that opens at the end of summer.

The retailer said, “We have moved deeper into the modern era.” [fashion] Space “.” Unique, ambitious and progressive fashion editing ignores outdated concepts and brings new new names that only exist in them today. [London].. Flannel Schefield brings to the city some of the most coveted avant-garde labels in the fashion world. off white, Saint Laurent, fear of God and lack of talent. ” The store will also host a brand new 18 Montrose concept space “focused on modern’hype’, best streetwear and exclusive collaboration.”


Michael Murray, Group Head of Elevation, said: We are confident that we are introducing truly world-class products to Sheffield, introducing the concept of beauty that breaks tradition. “

Jack Bridges, a creative consultant and partner for retailers at luxury design firm Argent, said: Flannels seeks to destroy the city in which it resides, while remaining flexible, agile and positive. Each store is different and each new location has its own concept and design features. The era of static shopping environments is over. The next generation of shoppers want liquidity and momentum. ”

The chain currently counts 50 stores in the UK. Oxford Street, London’s flagship store, and the regional flagship store, one of which is the new Shefield store.

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Flannel announces “breakthrough” flagship, adding beauty for the first time

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