Flash floods in Richmond, Virginia, rescue 19 people from cars – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-10 09:51:36 –

Richmond, Virginia-19 people Rescued from their car After being trapped in high water Flash flood on Wednesday afternoonAccording to the Richmond Fire Department.

Amy Vu, a spokesman for the Richmond Fire Department, said the water rescue team helped keep these people safe.

Photos taken from the flooded area show how rapidly the situation changed on Wednesday evening.

A photo taken south of Richmond at around 4:30 pm showed a car surrounded by rising water when a strong storm rained a few inches. Another photo taken just 50 minutes later shows how fast the water receded.

According to Vu, the most active on Molly Street on Wednesday afternoon, water rescue teams rushed to help vehicles trapped in high waters throughout South Richmond.

Meanwhile, Warren Hubbard and Ontime Towing along Commerce Road said they spent their off-time helping pull the car from the median and streets in the high waters.

“I have cars on the center line and I see people just flying past them, the cars aren’t stopping,” Hubbard said. “It just says,’Wow, let’s help. I have a tow truck. I know how to drive it.'”

Hubbard wasn’t the only one to help.

Chris Kidold said he had left home near Hopkins and Walmsley because he had lost power. On his way to getting gas, he saw a car stuck along Commerce Road.

“(I) ran into two stalled vehicles and another Good Samaritan, and we pushed the stalled vehicle out of the driving lane,” said Kidold.

AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman Morgan Dean said Wednesday’s fast-moving storm prepares cars before drivers hit the road, pays attention while driving, and never drives high waters. Said that it aroused.

Richmond Fire Department

“12-inch water can carry most cars away,” Dean said. “When you go out in the rain, in the event of a flood like you saw today, slow down, increase the distance to the vehicle in front, brake early and drive with extreme caution. “

Dean also emphasized the importance of avoiding distractions in stormy situations and moving lanes when encountering flashing lights or crew on the side of the road.

This story was originally published by Shannon Lily at the Scripps Station WTVR In Richmond, Virginia.

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