Flat Out Friday Roars into Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-12-02 16:34:05 –

Friday night in the Fiserv Forum is going to be noisy, and it’s before the motorcycle runs.

The 7th Flatout Friday Motorcycle Race will make its long-awaited debut at the arena, originally scheduled for 2020. Over 300 racers spin the engine in flat track races and the tires grip only Dr. Pepper. A cement syrup that hugs you every time you turn the arena floor. Daytime teacher Jeremy Prak expects the largest audience for the event, creating a different atmosphere than most traditional motorcycle racing events.

“It’s like every performance, the crowd feeds the performers. They’re excited to see and hear the crowd, and I think that’s pushing the racers a bit,” Prak said.

Flat Out Friday is constantly growing in popularity with the support of Milwaukee’s own Harley-Davidson and Mama Tried Motorcycle Shows. This year’s event will begin qualifying on the Fiserv Forum floor as early as noon, with the main event starting at 7:00 pm and attending nearly 10,000 fans.

The unique nature of Flat Out Friday is a true attraction. While flat track races are held nationwide, this event is aimed not only at true motorheads, but also at casual observers looking for a fun outing on Friday night. Racers of all ages and backgrounds are also welcome.

“I don’t push pros on national and global circuits in response to this event. The success for me was seeing what we were doing and wanting to get out of it. I think it’s time, “explained Prak. “We are also very inclusive and I know it’s a buzzword, but we’re really trying to move forward to include women and people in motorsport. Not as common as that. “

From an entertainment perspective, Flat Out Friday is a mix of fast action and fun for the whole family. In a sense, it’s an electric variety show. Prach says it’s by design.

“I’m studying traditional racing, but I want to make it fan-friendly,” Prak said. “Everything you see at a rock show will be seen in our race. People are there for the experience and are away from their seats and enjoying our work.”

A good example of this is the night with a goof ball race. Almost everything except motorcycles is eligible to compete. Many of those vehicles cannot go through the entire race. This is the most fun.

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“We have an exhibition of everything that shouldn’t be raced,” Prak said. “We have lawnmowers, snowmobiles, almost anything you can ride. The weirdest thing about what we call goofball racing or improper classes. I’m taking only 12 things. “

For more information on Flat Out Friday, Please see the official website or Fiserv Forum website..

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