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Portland, Oregon 2021-07-23 09:41:52 –

Chicago(NewsNation Now) — Some flight attendants may be trained in hand-to-hand combat as violent encounters with uncontrollable passengers in flight increase.

Most of the quarrels result from passengers refusing to comply with federal mask rules.

“These incidents are … the highest and most concentrated number we’ve ever seen, with over 3,000. According to travel expert Peter Greenberg, 1,900 out of 3,000. More than one was because people refused to wear masks.

In addition to the tensions surrounding the pandemic, Greenberg says alcohol is also a factor in violence.

“There’s an interesting development here. What was the factor in most of these cases? Alcohol. So you’re intoxicating passengers who are already on the plane, and at altitude, no, what goes wrong. Is it possible? Well, everything can go wrong, “Greenberg said.

Andrew Feldman, a spokesman for the Flight Attendants Association, said that in addition to the day-to-day operations of flight attendants, unfortunately, the dissolution of combat is another part of their work. He says training to defeat unruly passengers began after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

“We actually [self-defense training] Feldman told NewsNationNow.com: “We believe they should be voluntary, but obligatory. Seeing unprecedented levels of uncontrollable passengers in the air, they are returning at the right time. I will. “

Self-defense expert Jennifer Casetta states that hand-to-hand combat is definitely an option, but it shouldn’t be the first.

“Practicing situational awareness, setting boundaries and enabling strong communication will reduce escalation if possible, followed by physical self-defense,” said Cassetta.

Flight attendants train in self-defense to combat unruly passengers Source link Flight attendants train in self-defense to combat unruly passengers

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