Floods in China kill more than 300 people

Hong Kong — Chinese officials said 302 people died inside Serious floods struck central Henan Deaths surged last month as rescue workers pulled more bodies from the state capital of Zhengzhou and the surrounding countryside.

Henan officials said in a briefing on Monday that death toll has made the disaster one of the deadliest in China in recent years, with 50 people missing. The death toll marked a triple jump from the official number of 99 deaths released last Thursday.

According to Zhengzhou meteorological authorities, Henan Province was hit by record rainfall in late July, causing nearly a year of rainfall in the city in three days. With more than 12 million inhabitants, the city is one of the most devastated areas, accounting for more than 95% of all deaths.

Local news reports and social media posts show flooded neighborhoods and miserable scenes Commuter stuck deep in the chest in a flooded subway car.. At least 14 of the more than 500 passengers trapped in the metro evening rush hour were killed.

According to the Henan provincial government, floods and landslides killed 189 people in Zhengzhou alone, and heavy rains destroyed houses, killing 50 residents of the state capital.

Floods in China kill more than 300 people

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