Florence 1 Schools investing program brings Wall Street to the classroom – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-28 17:43:19 –

Florence, South Carolina (WBTW) – Florence 1 School students are learning to trade and invest in new courses.

The investment and securities classes feature the technology and curriculum of Bloomberg’s financial firms. Florence 1 School is the first district in the state to offer a program.

Jeff Donner, an investment and securities teacher at West Florence High School, said:

Students access market information via Bloomberg terminals and real-time tickers.

“Some universities don’t have access to it,” said the donor. “If they are really sparking their finances, this really helps them.”

Donor students look at statistics on various investment options and make presentations on which is more feasible. Students track options throughout the rest of the school year.

“We see their market capitalization, the number of shares they have, and how many people bought the shares,” said investment student Logan Young.

Senior Cesar Alanis said he has taken as many business classes as possible and wants to work as an accountant after graduating from college.

“That’s great,” Alanis said. “It puts us there and brings us that direct experience.”

Alanis and Young were one of the first students to receive Bloomberg certification at the Florence One School Board of Directors on October 14. It will be presented upon completion of the first four modules of the program covering economic indicators, currencies, bonds and equities. ..

“The certification says it understands the basic market concepts, so it looks really good on a college resume,” Donor said.

During Thursday’s lesson, students voted for the best real estate investment trust to put money in. The donor then bought shares to fund a class pizza party.

“If it makes more money, it means we’re going to buy more food,” said the donor. “If not, that might mean I’m out for a few dollars, but we’re still going to get it done with what we have.”

The program was partially funded by a grant from the School Foundation. It is also offered at Wilson High School and South Florence High School.

Florence 1 Schools investing program brings Wall Street to the classroom Source link Florence 1 Schools investing program brings Wall Street to the classroom

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