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Florence, South Carolina (WBTW) — Florence city leaders are concerned about the pile of garbage along the city’s roads.

“We need to stop,” said city councilman Pat Gibson-Hye Moore. “We need to do better. Our community looks ugly.”

Gibson-Hye Moore spoke to News 13 in front of a vacant lot in eastern Florence. This parcel looked like a garbage dump, with reclining chairs, fans, TVs, etc. among the discarded items.

“The city doesn’t receive appliances or furniture. You’re supposed to take it to a landfill,” she said. “I’ve been aware of it for quite some time, but it’s worsened over the past year.”

Tim Waters lives in Florence and considers himself part of the solution. He brought over 40 sofas to the garbage dump last month or so.

“I’m like an informal trash shop,” he said with a laugh. “If there was trash, no one would come here to build a house … we had to do something. And it starts with me.”

It’s not just garbage. City officials also say they are seeing more Gomi, as they are in other parts of the state.

“People are getting takeaway because many of our restaurants still serve primarily drive-throughs,” explained Deputy Mayor Scotty Davis, one of the possible explanations.

Councilor Letonia Burns says another factor behind the trash is a decrease in volunteers working to clean the city for COVID.

Burns says he wants more people to be proud of their community.

She is working on an initiative called Project Community Unity. This initiative involves many groups working on community cleanup.

“Wouldn’t it be great to put all the entities together,” she said. “Some people have resources but no volunteers, others have volunteers but no resources.”

She wants to start the initiative in late spring or summer, hoping that there will be fewer cases of COVID. She says anyone who wants to help should contact the city or county council, or the city of Florence.

“We’ll have to put all our hands on the deck,” said Councilor Burns. “This is an increasingly big problem. Cities and counties alone cannot do this. Communities and individuals need to join us.”

City council member Gibson He Moore said he would request a local landfill to be posted on the city’s website to resolve the issue.

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