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Florence, South Carolina (WBTW) – According to the mayor and police chief, the 2021 surge in violent crime in Florence has been addressed in a variety of ways.

So far in 2021, four murders and twelve have been injured in shootings, according to statistics released by the city. In addition, city police have also charged two murder suspects who have been detained and out of prison and are waiting for another murder trial.

In a letter to city residents dated June 11, Mayor Teresa Myers Irvine and police chief Allen Hydler said, “These criminal acts are often known to victims through acquaintances. People who are. ” They often recognize themselves as members of the gang, they said in a letter, citing violence resulting from domestic relationships, mental illness, and activities related to drugs and prostitution.

The mayor and police chief have taken several steps to address the issue, including re-establishing the Speedy Regional Criminal Information Council to help share more information among various law enforcement authorities. Was taken. The council consists of local, county, state, and federal agencies in the Peedy region.

“Since February of this year, PDCID has held monthly meetings to share information on criminal activity and keep in touch between meetings to warn member bodies of related criminal activity that may occur within their jurisdiction. “I am,” said the letter.

“In addition to working closely with the Florence County Security Officer’s Office, the City Police Criminal Investigation and Special Investigation Unit is working closely with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Department and the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force to be members of the gang. And identify and monitor drug offenders. Efforts to track down and prosecute violent offenders, “said the letter.

Authorities are also taking steps to address mental health issues. Hydler attends monthly meetings with PD Mental Health as part of the Mental Health Law Enforcement Advisory Board. Law enforcement agencies are also working on calls involving people with mental health problems, and Pee Dee Mental health has a crisis intervention team to assist police on these types of calls.

“We encourage residents to seek help from available community resources to address their family and friends’ mental health concerns,” officials wrote in a letter. Help is also available by calling 833-364-2274 through the South Carolina Mental Health Mobile Crisis Program.

In addition, as many COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in place, the city police station will resume direct talks with neighborhood and business crime surveillance associations over the next few months.

“These associations are an important partnership between police and the community to proactively address criminal activity concerns,” the letter said.

There is also an anonymous tipline—888-274-6372 (CRIMESC)—operated by Pedy’s Crime Stopper, which provides residents with a way to share information about their criminal activity.

“The city police station relies on members of the community to share information so that it can properly address issues related to criminal activity,” the letter said.

Florence officials reassure residents steps are being taken to curb violent crimes Source link Florence officials reassure residents steps are being taken to curb violent crimes

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