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New Port Richey, Florida. (((WFTS) — There is a hairstyle, then a mullet. Over the years, it has become part of pop culture.

For Cayden Manning in New Port Richey, Florida, for 9-year-old Cayden Manning, the front is the business and the back is the party.

“When I went to school on the first day, some of my friends said,’I like haircuts’ and’what happened to my head,'” said 9-year-old Cayden. “Not many kids have mullets throughout my school.”

Cayden came up with the idea of ​​warming his neck from some of his friends and his own stepfather, Chris, in the Bora Chat group.

“We hear nice mullets, sweet mullets, whether we’re at the baseball stadium, on the beach, or anywhere. Everyone loves mullets,” said Chris Brotherton.

Cayden’s family didn’t expect his son Tennessee’s top hat to make him famous. mulletchamp.com.

“And I said,’Wow, those are some pretty good mullets that I want to be,'” Cayden said.

Of the 500 entries in the Kids category, Cayden is in the top 25 with his signature American flag look. Now it’s up to the general public to vote for the winner. The first prize will receive $ 2,500.

“He said he was a very sweet kid,’I’ll give you some,’ and I said,’No, it’s your haircut, your mullet, it’s in your bank account directly.’ “Brotherton said.

But maintaining the mane of the championship is not all glitz and charm.

“Sometimes my hair sticks to my neck, but I’m fine with that, it doesn’t bother me,” Cayden said.

So what does mom think about this?

“They both tried to persuade me to cut my hair into mullets, I’m not too far away, but I like them,” Brittany Handartmark said.

Cayden said he intends to rock Bora for the rest of his life.

To vote for Cayden mulletchamp.com Click on his photo. Voting ends on October 11th.

“I voted for Bora, who won the Tampa Bay,” Cayden said.

This story was originally reported by Robert Boyd on ABCActionNews.com.

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