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Surfside, Florida-The collapse of homes in Surfside, Florida has killed five people, said Mayor Daniela Levinekaba of Miami-Dade County at a press conference Saturday night.

“Today, our search and rescue team found another body in the rubble,” Levin Cava said. “And likewise, our investigation revealed some human bodies.”

The mayor said the process of identifying victims would be difficult and authorities would rely on DNA testing. “That’s why we’re already collecting DNA samples from our families,” she said.

Miami-Dade police said in a news release Saturday night that the victims were identified as Antonio Rosano, 83, Gladys Rosano, 79, and Manuel Lafont, 54.

Stacy Fang, 54, was previously identified, CNN reported.

Both Antonio and Gladys Rosano were recovered from Apartment 903, Antonio was recovered on June 24, and Gladys was recovered on June 25, the release said.

The fifth victim has not yet been identified.

Currently, 130 have been explained and 156 have not, she said. Authorities have not identified the cause of the collapse.

Approximately 55 of the 136 units in a building a few miles north of Miami Beach collapsed around 1:30 am on Thursday, leaving a huge pile of rubble on the ground and material hanging from the rest of the structure. Officials said it was.

“Our top priority is search and rescue and saving every life we ​​can,” the mayor added.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Commander Alan Kominsky said at a news conference that the crew continued their “aggressive search and rescue strategy” in the rubble of Champlain Towers South.

According to Kominsky, the fire brigade was able to contain the fire and minimize the smoke that interfered with search and rescue operations.

“Currently, we are searching the entire debris field, dividing it into sections and actively applying search and rescue techniques.”

Engineers expressed concern about structural damage
Almost three years before Thursday’s deadly partial collapse, engineers expressed concern about structural damage to the concrete slabs under the pool deck and “cracks and peeling” in the parking lot, according to the document.

The October 2018 Structural Field Survey Report was included in a series of public documents published overnight on the Surfside Town website. The New York Times first reported on the field survey report.

According to a structural field survey, waterproofing under the pool deck and entrance drive has failed, causing “serious structural damage.”

“The waterproofing under the pool deck and entrance drive, and all the waterproofing of the planter has reached the end of its useful life and must be completely removed and replaced,” the report said.

“The failure of waterproofing has caused significant structural damage to the concrete structural slabs beneath these areas. In the near future, if the waterproofing is not replaced, the degree of concrete deterioration will increase exponentially.”

According to the report, waterproofing was applied to flat structures rather than sloping concrete slabs to drain water. As a result, the water accumulated on the waterproof until it evaporated, and the report identified it as a “serious error.”

“Replacing existing deck waterproofing would be very expensive … destructive and would cause great confusion for the residents of this condominium,” the report added.

The report aims to “understand and document the extent of structural problems” and details the signs of “pain / fatigue” in the parking lot.

“We have seen varying degrees of cracking and peeling in concrete columns, beams and walls. Some of this damage is minor, but most concrete deterioration needs to be repaired in a timely manner.”

Peeling is a term used to describe the area of ​​concrete that has cracked or crumbled.

“Many previous garage concrete repairs have failed,” the 2018 report said.

The report had no indication that the structure was at risk of collapse. Completed by Frank Morabito of Morabito Consultants.

Consulting firm says it was hired again in 2020
Morabito Consultants said in a statement on Saturday that the company completed a report in 2018 detailing “serious cracks and breakage in concrete” and providing “estimated cost to perform large-scale necessary repairs”. I did.

The Condominium Management Companies of Japan announced in June 2020 that it had hired the company again “to prepare a” 40-year building repair and repair “plan with detailed specifications to complete the necessary repairs and repair work.” Said.

At the time of the collapse, roof repairs were underway, but concrete repairs had not begun, the company said, adding that it “exclusively” provides engineering consulting services and does not provide construction-related services.

“We are deeply plagued by the collapse of this building and are working closely with investigative authorities to understand why the structure failed,” he added.

“I couldn’t foresee this,” says a condominium association lawyer.
Abeyuwa Aghayere, a professor of structural engineering at Drexel University who reviewed the report, said the findings were alarming and should spur further reviews of building integrity.

Kenneth Director, a lawyer for Bill’s Condominium Association, previously warned against early speculation. He told CNN on Friday that the building had undergone a series of inspections “over the past few months” as part of a 40-year groundbreaking safety certification process.

“I couldn’t foresee this,” Direktor said. “At least it wasn’t seen by engineers looking at the building from a structural point of view.”

CNN asked Direktor for comment on Saturday.

Mayor of Surfside: Evacuate nearby towers
Surfside Mayor Charles Barquette on Saturday recommended that residents of the nearby North Tower evacuate from “adequate caution.”

“I don’t think people need to live with that potential, and they even think their buildings may collapse,” Barckett told CNN.

Barckett said he hadn’t seen the 2018 report and said in the document, “It’s unclear what steps the building is taking to address the cracks …” It was.

At an emergency meeting on Friday evening, the mayor and town committee discussed hiring engineers to evacuate and investigate the North Tower, which Barckett described as “exactly the same property” as the collapsed tower.

Saturday morning, CNN asked Levin Cava, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, about the report.

“We need all this information, we need all the evidence, and we’re going to reach the bottom of what happened in this particular building,” she said.

The mayor later told reporters, “I didn’t know anything about this report.”

Levine Cava said Miami-Dade has been auditing buildings in all counties for over 40 years.

“I want to make sure that all the buildings have completed the recertification process,” she said.

The collapsed building was undergoing its recertification process, and the board only knew that the technician’s certification report included the repair work.

Roof repair permit issued the day before the collapse
Donna DiMaggio Berger, a lawyer at the Champlain Towers Condominium Association, said board members had no information to foresee a disaster on Thursday.

“The typical things engineers look for in the Miami-Dade and Broward County certification reports, two counties that require this type of certification, are roof, HVAC system, electrical, plumbing, and building reviews. Envelopes,” he said. It was.

“But certainly, there was nothing dangerous outlined in the report. Anything that proved to be life-threatening.”

According to a document released Friday, the town of Surfside issued a roof repair permit for the Champlain Towers South Building the day before the collapse.

Wednesday’s permit was issued to a concrete company in South Florida to “install roof safety anchors and provide plaster repairs.” According to the permit, this work involved the removal and replacement of “from the existing roof to the concrete deck.” The next day, the building collapsed.

Concrete Protection and Restoration LLC, a company set up to perform the work, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

Another document, produced as part of the 2018 Structural Engineers Report, also states that a small portion of the building is “indicating pain.”

A report conducted by Moravito for the Building Condominium Association stated that “about 2% of the outer columns experienced peeling of concrete” and “about 5% of the structural floor slabs on the balcony showed cracks in the hairline.” Stated.

A class action proceeding filed Thursday argues that the Association of Collapsed Condominiums is responsible for “failing to secure and protect” the lives and property of condominium owners.

On behalf of the association, Direktor replied, “I don’t know why this building collapsed … engineers don’t know for sure why this building collapsed.”

Family without loved ones
While the uneasy family is waiting for the news, and the search continues, authorities have hope. On Thursday, a boy under the mattress and bed frame was pulled alive from under the rubble.

“I have hope because we told me that our first responders have hope,” Levin Cava told CNN.

Along the fence near the site of the collapse, a temporary monument to the missing person was erected, including photographs, candles and flowers.

Among the missing are Gilgera and his wife Betty, who lived on the ninth floor.

“We are doing our best to stay hopeful,” Michelle Gera said of her father and stepmother. “That’s what they want.”

Vishal Patel, his wife Bhavna Patel, one-year-old daughter Aishani Patel, and niece Sarina Patel told CNN, adding that Bhavna Patel is four months pregnant.

Salina Patel told CNN on Friday that she had last talked to her family on June 20 and told her she had booked a flight to visit. They were at home when the collapse happened, Salina Patel said.

“We tried to call them many times, but there was no answer,” she said.

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Florida building collapse: 4 of 5 victims killed identified, search continues for 156 people unaccounted for Source link Florida building collapse: 4 of 5 victims killed identified, search continues for 156 people unaccounted for

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