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Cleveland, Ohio 2022-06-02 13:25:14 –

Tampa, Florida (WFLA) — A parasailing accident in which a mother died and two children were injured in the Florida Keys.

According to the Miami Herald Supraja Alaparthi (33 years old) was killed and his son Sriakshith Alaparthi (10 years old) and nephew Vishant Sadda (9 years old) were injured after the rider Parasail plunged into the Old Seven Mile Bridge. The family was visiting the Florida Keys from Schaumburg, Illinois.

The incident occurred around 5 pm on Monday, with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms pushing the mainland away. According to Jonathan Rizzo, a warning coordinator and meteorologist at the National Weather Service Key West, the region’s gusts were up to 28 knots, or 32 mph.

“It was pretty calm, but I could see a storm coming. Suddenly the temperature dropped 10 degrees and the wind started to blow like crazy,” said a charter fishing guide who witnessed the incident. Said John Carrion, a good Samaritan who took the boys safely.

Karion said he and his passengers saw the cable break and the family fall into the water. He believes they were dragged about a mile or two across the surface before hitting the bridge.

The tarpon guide said he chased the family as soon as he saw them enter the water. He cut their harness and released them from the shoot. The shoot caught on the bridge and took them to his boat, where he and his passengers began CPR. He took his family to the Sunset Grill Marina, where he met a rescuer.

“That was almost the worst thing you could imagine,” Callion said. “It was really bad.”

Supraja Alaparthi was sentenced to death on the scene and the children were taken to a marathon fisherman’s hospital. The injury to her son Sriakshith was minimal. Her nephew Vishant was reportedly listed in crisis.

“Our condolences lie with the families and loved ones affected by the accident on Monday,” said Captain Jason Ingram, Commander of the Coast Guard Key West, in a statement. “This was a tragedy for families who wanted to enjoy a visit to the Florida Keys.”

Authorities investigating the case say the wind has nailed Parasail. This meant that the sails were controlled by the wind and it was so full of air that there was a danger of dragging the boat.

“In normal parasailing operations, it is the ship’s operation, especially the speed of the ship, that creates the wind to lift the parasailing into the air. The ship’s operator controls the height of the parasailing by increasing or decreasing the speed of the ship. This will allow parasailing operators to safely perform and control their parasailing operations, “the report said.

The boat’s captain, 49-year-old Daniel Couch, was afraid that the sails would drag the boat and endanger others, so he deliberately cut the cable connecting the harness to the boat. Said the report.

He wanted to catch his family along the way, law enforcement sources told Herald.

“He should never have done that,” said Mark McCullough, chairman of the Florida-based Parasail Safety Council. “That is the golden rule. Do not cut the line.”

McCullough said he was in a similar situation but would wait for the storm to go away.

“I know exactly what the captain was feeling, but you never cut the boat line. I would never train anyone to do that. It’s their lifeline. ” McCullough told NBC News.

“Even if it scares the passengers’ hell, I’d rather wait for the storm. I want them to come and yell at me more than what happened here,” he continued. “Even if I was pulled back or had a hard time … I just waited until the wind weakened.”

The couch worked at the lighthouse Parasail. Neither he nor the co-owner of the company was asked to comment, according to the newspaper.

Florida captain cut parasailing cable in deadly accident Source link Florida captain cut parasailing cable in deadly accident

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