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Tampa, Florida 2021-01-13 12:10:11 –

Dr. Christie Skoglund, Chief Executive Officer of the Sarasota-Florida Infant Mental Center, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Florida Infant Mental Health Association (FAIMH).
The purpose of FAIMH is to extend the field of infant and early childhood mental health to the Florida workforce through approvals available to infant care professionals. FAIMH achieves this through its local branch.
In the world of mental health, infant and early childhood mental health professionals work with children in the context of relationships. In most cases, the relationship involves a parent or caregiver. This therapeutic framework helps the whole family to be healed from trauma while promoting the healthy social and emotional development of the child.
“What happened to your child during the first 1000 days can actually affect your entire life, even if you can’t remember it,” says Skoglnd. “Therefore, if they are not in a loving relationship that forms a bond with their parents or caregivers, it can slow their development both emotionally and physically. If there is known trauma. Early intervention can change the course of their lives better. “
As a member of the Board, Skoglund raises awareness of the Infant Mental Health Endorsement (FIMH-E), a qualification available to childcare and mental health professionals in the Sarasota region.
Skoglund has become one of Florida’s first approved clinicians to be an “Infant Mental Health Specialist.” She was one of eight state-wide experts invited to apply for approval when it was first implemented in Florida in 2020.
Last year, Skoglund and seven others acted as a “leadership cohort,” reviewing applications and advising a selected group of early childhood professionals who applied for the same type of approval qualification.
The approvals received by Dr. Skoglund are for advanced mental health clinicians, but there are other approval designations for infants, toddlers, and family members. There are four approval designations, including Infant Family Associate, Infant Family Specialist, Infant Mental Health Specialist, and Infant Mental Health Mentor. Each approval designation has educational, competent, and training requirements.
“The mental health approval process was a huge step forward for Florida and infant care professionals,” said Skoglund. “I am very humble to be selected as part of that.”
About Florida Early Childhood Center For over 40 years, the Florida Early Childhood Education Center is a leading provider of treatment services, early education and healthy development for infants in southwestern Florida, providing seamless service to all children and their families. Today, the institution is nationally recognized for its early childhood expertise in various disciplines. The Florida Center offers developmental therapy, mental health counseling, Starfish Academy kindergartens, healthy family home visit programs, and the state’s only fetal alcohol spectrum disorder clinic.
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Florida Center CEO Appointed to FAIMH Board Source link Florida Center CEO Appointed to FAIMH Board

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