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Written by Marilyn Bowden September 7, 2021


The Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach Metropolitan Statistics Area’s new Metro Skills Report looks at today’s labor shortages and excesses from a new perspective, with high-paying jobs that are likely to be in demand in the future. Identify the skill set you need. Get them.

The report identified four target career areas with serious imbalances between available jobs and those looking for them. Education, curation, library services. Corporate Finance; and Information Technology / Mathematics.

It’s not surprising that healthcare should be at the top of the list. The shortage of general practitioners, mental health workers, nurses and other medical professionals has long plagued the South Florida medical community. Currently, the Florida Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Chief Economist, Jerry Parrish, said the output gap for jobs in this area of ​​the Miami Metro area is -127,276 and the median salary for advertised jobs is $ 70,360. Stated.

“We will face a huge shortage of doctors across the state,” he said. “Currently, Florida has 4 million residents over the age of 65. By 2030, we have added another 5 million residents, many of whom have retired. That is the graying of the United States. Who Not ready. “

The target area for a combination of education, curation and library services shows an output gap of -89,184 with a median advertised salary of $ 70,384. With a -84,732 gap in the business and financial target areas, the median ad salary is $ 68,021. In addition, the output gap for jobs requiring information technology and math skills is -23,980, with a median advertised salary of $ 90,152.

On the other side of the scale, the number of applicants for hospitality, recreation and personal services jobs exceeds the number of available jobs by 186,449.

“This is a unique Florida report,” said Dr. Parish. “I used to predict by industry. It’s okay to talk to middle school and high school kids, but if you’re an adult already in the job market, look up your profession, your wage list and the skills you need, and they’ll be themselves. We realized that we needed to be able to see our opportunities and schools. The university can provide the right training. “

With the belief that future economic development and diversification will depend on matching the right skills and the right employment opportunities, the 501 (c) (3) charity Foundation has 20 years to come up with solutions. Looking ahead 30 years from now.

The labor market is exactly that, Dr. Parish said. “In the future, the workforce will be tied to skills, not degrees. If you have good skills, you will be paid for them.”

To produce a report on Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, economists first categorize the local workforce into categories with similar skills called “career areas” rather than industry, and then undersupply or oversupply. Ranked by quantity.

The core competencies and highly sought-after skills of each target career area were evaluated so that transitional workers could prioritize their educational goals and increase their chances of prosperity in the employment market.

“By improving the local workforce with hard-to-find skills revealed in this study, career opportunities will continue to grow as the local economy continues to grow in areas that require individual, technical and digital skills,” said Dr. Parish. Is more likely to increase. “

We believe that inconsistencies that can be dealt with, and that’s a solid bid, “he said of Thornton’s construction consistency throughout the process. “Prices did not change in any of the final numbers. We believe we will not accept bids for these small discrepancies. In fact, it does not benefit the city in terms of cost. . “

Florida Chamber finds health, education, IT jobs go begging Source link Florida Chamber finds health, education, IT jobs go begging

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