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Tallahassee, Florida-Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a drastic election bill on Thursday, admitting in November last year that there were no serious signs of voting fraud, but he and other Republicans He said he would deploy security guards against fraud. Democrats and voters’ advocates said partisan movements would make it difficult for some voters to vote.

The Republican governor has signed a newly passed law prior to his imminent announcement that he will run for reelection in the country’s largest fierce battle state. He staged a signature on a live broadcast of adjacent Fox and Friends on Thursday morning with a small group of Republicans in Palm Beach County. Other media organizations have been locked out of the event.

DeSantis said the new law is ahead of the curve in preventing potential fraud.

Groups, including the NAACP and Common Cause, said the new law would make it more difficult to vote for blacks, Latinos, or people with disabilities and would immediately file a proceeding in federal court.

“For too long, Florida lawmakers and elected officials have created a huge number of hurdles that make it more difficult for these and other voters to hear their voices,” the group said in the United States. The district court in the state capital, Tallahassee, said in their proceedings that they planned to submit.

Georgia is the current epicenter of the national battle for election law, but other states led by the Republican Party, which have not yet been resolved by the defeat of then-President Donald Trump in November, are in the election law. Moved to rewrite. A national campaign to do so is motivated by Trump’s unfounded allegations that irregularities in the election process, especially in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, have led to his loss-January 6 Unfounded allegations that caused the riots in the US Capitol.

Georgia law requires a photo ID to mail absentee ballots after more than 1.3 million Georgia voters have used the option during a COVID-19 pandemic. .. It also reduces the time it takes to request absentee ballots and limits where ballot drop boxes can be placed and how long they can be accessed.

Some of Florida’s election rule changes include similar provisions. Democrats admit that Florida law isn’t as strict as the one recently adopted by its northern neighbors.

The Florida Parliament, managed by the GOP, passed the bill without a single Democratic vote, even though Florida Republicans welcomed the state as a model for conducting elections. This severance confused Democrats, voters’ rights groups, and state-wide election authorities who believed they didn’t need to change.

But Republicans argued that the new law was a preemptive move against those who undermine the sacredness of ballot boxes, even if they couldn’t cite specific cases of widespread fraud. Republicans argue that the new rules do not prevent people from voting.

Newly signed legislation limits when ballot dropboxes can be used, who can collect ballots, and how many. To protect against the so-called “ballot harvest”, elected Good Samaritans can only collect and return ballots from close relatives, and only two from unrelated people can vote. It cannot be returned. Under the new rules, Dropbox needs to be monitored and is only available if the election office and early voting site are open.

Voters who change their registration data must provide an identification number, and in some cases a driver’s license number or partial social security number.

The Governor’s signature extends the unaffected zone up to 150 feet (50 meters) around the polling place. And election officials need to get candidates and other observers to witness important moments of election night in the ballot processing process. Violations can result in large fines.

DeSantis urged Republicans to provide a drastic rewrite of the rules for postal and dropbox voting and to impose a new layer of identity requirements to regularly change voter registration records.

However, the law-signed proposals have stricter provisions initially proposed by some Republicans, such as a complete ban on Dropbox and a ban on the use of the United States Postal Service to return completed ballots. Some were not included.

The Democratic Party has spurred concerns that the pandemic will prevent voters from voting on last year’s election day, prompting people to vote early and by mail.

RESULTS: Florida Democrats voted Republicans by mail for the first time in years, a record of 4.9 million Florida citizens voting by mail. The Democratic Party cast 680,000 more votes than the Republican Party in mail ballot.

Previously, mail ballot applications were targeted at two general election cycles. The new law requires voters who wish to vote absentee to apply for one vote per cycle. Republicans initially proposed to do this retroactively, which would soon have wiped out democratic dominance, but they set back the move in the final edition.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs Republican-drafted elections bill into law; Legal fight begins Source link Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs Republican-drafted elections bill into law; Legal fight begins

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