Florida Governor Signs Drastic Election Act – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-05-06 09:57:50 –

West Palm Beach, Florida — Florida Governor Ron de Santis signed an electoral reform bill Thursday morning.

The governor and other Republicans have said the new law will protect against fraud even if voters’ reports of fraud are not confirmed in the November presidential election.

Opponents have pointed out that the bill limits voting by mail and ballot dropboxes.

The billing event on Thursday morning was closed to local media and featured exclusively on Fox News. According to WPTV, The crew tried to attend the signing of the bill. It happened at Hilton near Palm Beach International Airport.

“I’m signing this bill here, saying,’Florida, your vote is important. Your vote will be done with integrity and transparency,'” DeSantis starred in “Fox & Friends.” I said when I did.

DeSantis is widely expected to announce shortly that he is running for reelection.

US Congressman Charlie Crist, A person who recently announced his candidacy for the governor’s mansionCalled DeSantis to ban media from signing.

The new law allows ballot dropboxes as long as the electoral authorities comply with the new restrictions. Limits on who can drop voter ballots in Dropbox, prohibits movement of Dropbox within 30 days of elections, limits on where Dropbox can be placed, and all of them whenever they are open The requirement that it must be monitored by the ballot authorities.

The bill also requires voters to vote more regularly by mail, prohibits election managers from using private funds to support election management payments, and registers as a third-party voter. Demands restricting organizations, adding new powers to partisan election observers, and giving DeSantis more room. Appoint replacements to fill the political status of certain regions vacated by high-ranking candidates.

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