Florida lawmakers hopeful 2022 brings major criminal justice reform – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-07-14 19:33:45 –

Tallahassee, Florida — Will 2022 be a major year of criminal justice reform? Some Florida lawmakers think so.

Members of the Florida State Capitol Black Presidium plan to truncate the sentence and resubmit a bill to save millions in Florida.

D-Tampa, Congressman Diane Hart, said he would once again propose a gain-time policy. Through good behavior and rehabilitation courses, qualified prisoners were able to get early release after completing 65% of the sentences instead of the mandatory 85%.

Before analysis The bill states that it can save $ 500 to $ 800 million in the state in five years. Hart said the dollar would be invested in a Florida correction program.

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The proposed Florida Criminal Reform Bill could save Florida about $ 500 million to $ 800 million over five years

“We need to work on the buildings. They are all collapsing,” Hart said. “All the money we can save will go back to our facility and make the lives of those imprisoned better.”

Greg James, whose former serious offender became a proponent of prison reform, praised the idea. Pastor Tallahassee said he had a first-hand look at what benefits the law could bring within correctional facilities.

“Going from 85% to 65% will change the climate in Florida prisons,” James said. “Why? Because men now have hope.”

State Assemblyman Diane Hart

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Parliamentarian Diane Hart will submit a judicial reform bill at the next legislative session.

Heart ran building Although unsuccessful for several years, she said she had hope in 2022.

Her optimism is getting fuel after a similar building Senator Keith Perry, R-Gainesville, passed two committees in the last session and received support in the upper chamber.Parliamentarians also approved bipartisan Police reformI felt that Hart could serve as a starting point for further cooperation.

“We know we can work together,” Hart said. “There is no doubt that we all have some problems in our district regarding criminal justice reform.”

She said the gaintime bill is one of the many bills that Floridian can expect to surface next year. Others include the creation of a new parole system and a monitoring committee for correctional facilities.

Florida lawmakers hopeful 2022 brings major criminal justice reform Source link Florida lawmakers hopeful 2022 brings major criminal justice reform

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