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Lehigh Acres, Florida — A local mom says she can summarize her daughter’s high school case in two words.

“It’s a bull ****,” she said.

To protect her identity, we don’t show her face or the face of her teenage daughter, but I would like to share their story.

The girl says everything started last Tuesday when she and several other JROTC classes at Lehi High School were training outside.

“He just looked at me and put out his hand and said to me,’Take my hand and suffocate yourself,'” Teen said.

“He” she mentions is a school JROTC instructor. She says he is not her teacher, but she often meets him when all JROTC classes train outside.

“I was so confused that I asked him,’What did you say?’ And he repeated. So I left. When I left, he said,’Don’t be afraid.’ Shouted, “said the girl.

But the teen said she was a little scared and immediately called her stepfather and sent a text message to her mother.

Her stepfather called on the school to complain and was recalled by the sergeant himself. The sergeant apologized that he was “just joking” and “that’s joking in class.”

“It’s inappropriate for the teacher to tell someone,” said the girl’s mother.

To insult the injury, the mother said she was instructed to spend days calling the principal of the school and eventually to talk to the assistant vice-principal who promised to “talk to her daughter.” I will.

But the mother says she doesn’t need to see the teacher because all she has done so far is just asking her daughter if she wants to switch classes.

“Basically, I wanted to remove my daughter from the class as if she was the problem,” she said.

The Lee County School District issued the following statement regarding the incident:

The teacher apologized to the students and their mothers for their comments. School managers have told their mothers about the case at least three times, but are prohibited from disclosing disciplinary information until the issue is resolved. The final result will be placed in the teacher’s personnel file and will be available for review based on the request for public records.

The mom says this reaction isn’t enough. She adds that “justice” in this case is the teacher leaving the classroom.

“They don’t want it to be done to their daughters and sons, and I don’t. That’s inappropriate. Please point out the void,” she said.

FOX 4 has conducted some research to better understand the discipline process in such cases. And, according to the current Lee County Teachers Association contract with Lee County School, we learned that this case falls under the designation of a “site-based” investigation.

This means that if an employee is accused of cheating on a school administrator, such as a principal or vice-principal, he or she will begin an investigation. And they will decide if the district is involved or if the staff should be suspended. The administrator is also responsible for determining the appropriate punishment in this case.

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