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Tampa, FloridaWFLA) — The judge was sentenced Florida Man Ronnie Oneal III has been sentenced to three lifetimes plus 60 years in order to carry out consecutively for the murder of his girlfriend and his disabled daughter and the attempted murder of his son.

Oneal gained national attention for his disgust in court because he claimed to represent himself in a murder trial.

On Friday, the families of his victims had the opportunity to talk to a man in Riverview, Florida, and a court about his impact on their lives.

“He did what the coward did,” said Carrie Lloyd, mother of Kenyatta Baron, Oneal’s late girlfriend.

During the trial, the jury heard a desperate 911 call from Baron when Oneal shot and killed her. During the call, Baron begged for her life.

Lloyd told the judge that he was not happy that the jury did not give Oneal the death penalty for his crimes.

“I’m not happy with what the verdict was, and I wish you could overturn it and give him what he justified,” Lloyd said. Told.

The victim’s sister, Desada Baron, told Oneal that he had no sympathy and did not feel sorry for his situation.

“So when you’re sitting in that cell for the rest of your life, don’t forget that you won’t leave until you’re in the box,” she said.

After that, Oneal had another opportunity to speak in court.

“I’m sorry for what I didn’t do, and I’m sorry for what I did,” Oneal said.

This time, unlike during the trial, Judge Michele Cisco immediately shut him down and told Oneal that he would not tolerate his tone.

“I’ll have you taken out of this court,” Cisco said, telling Oneal that she could sentence him to prison, even if he wasn’t in the room.

The judge then spoke to Oneal and told him he might have been a decent lawyer in another life. She also told him that his actions on the night of the murder changed everything.

“This is the worst case I’ve ever seen in terms of facts,” Sisco said.

A veteran judge told Oneal that he had to fight to hold back his tears during the trial.

“I didn’t have to start sobbing because I didn’t bother for the rest of my life witnessing and seeing pictures of what happened that night,” Cisco said. “For the rest of my life, I will be plagued by what I see in the evidence.”

Sisco then declared Oneal to offer three life terms in a row. This means he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the opportunity to be released on parole.

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