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Clewiston, FloridaNewsNation Now) — Police are investigating after the principal begins corporal punishment by rowing in front of the girl’s mother.

Brent Provinsky, a mother’s lawyer, said she received a phone call from school last month and said her first-year daughter had caused $ 50 worth of damage to her computer.

The mother was told to take the money to school and pay the damage. When she got there, she was taken to the principal’s office, where she found her daughter, Principal Melissa Carter, and another woman.

Then the principal took out the paddle.

The girl’s mother started recording on her cell phone. Carter can be seen hitting the girl three times with a paddle. She starts crying after the first.

I can hear the girl saying, “No, no.”

Then the girl sits and cries while Carter keeps screaming.

“I’m sorry, you should tell mom, and you shouldn’t treat her that way,” Carter said. “What I’m going to say to you, if your mom wants to come to school and hit you and we can see, that’s going to happen.”

When asked if he understands Carter, the child tearfully says, “Yes, wife.”

The mother’s lawyer said the principal advised the woman to bring her home for paddling if the other children were rude to her.

“It’s all from the Twilight Zone, but it’s real and it really happened,” said Provinsky.

Florida is one of 19 states where corporal punishment or corporal punishment is legal in public schools from kindergarten to high school, but it is not permitted in the Hendry County School District where the incident occurred.

The school district’s policy states that “except for corporal punishment, the supervisor shall specify sanctions or rule violations.”

“She wants justice. What happened to her little girl is terrible. They imposed severe corporal punishment on the first, sixth and first graders who scratched the computer,” said Probinsky. I am.

NewsNation has contacted the Hendry County School District but has not responded. The district told other media “no comment.”

Louisiana did not pass a bid to ban corporal punishment in public schools and other forms of corporal punishment. Current state law allows 69 school districts in the state to decide whether to do so.

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