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Riverside, California 2021-06-16 21:13:48 –

State and local law enforcement resources will be sent west, the governor said.

Pensacola, Florida — Arizona and Texas are seeking help along the southern border, with Florida responding first, Governor Ron DeSantis said.

The Governor spoke between a group of state and local law enforcement agencies in the Escambian County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday and added to the southern border area to address what Florida called the “created crisis.” Announced that it will provide law enforcement resources.

Some agencies include the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and sheriff offices such as Brevard, Hillsboro, and Pasco County.

DeSantis rolled back the border policy under former President Donald Trump, including ending a policy that forced asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for an immigration hearing in the United States. Condemned President Joe Byden’s administration

The Byden administration has since begun processing their case, Allow them in the usa At the same time, ask others who are considering coming to the United States to stay home.

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Some of the border issues (a 13-hour drive from Pensacola to Brownsville, Texas) are affecting Floridians in terms of drugs and trafficking, DeSantis said.

He didn’t specifically mention how much it would cost Florida taxpayers to send law enforcement personnel and other resources out of the state. But those who spend time in the west are required to spend 16 days, the governor said.

DeSantis mentioned a $ 1,000 bonus to law enforcement officers, but he said the details are also being considered.

Amanda Hunter, a spokesman for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, said in a statement, “We are currently working with state law enforcement partners to provide details on the amount and time frame required for an agent. I haven’t done it. “

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Governor last week that Biden was “proven undesired or unable” to secure the US-Mexico border. I sent a joint letter. According to The Arizona Republic.. The newspaper said it had the highest number of encounters with migrants in May for the first time in 20 years, as evidence of a “border opening disaster.”

DeSantis compared Florida’s response to these states, as well as other states that respond to Florida after a hurricane.

“We believe that securing the southern border is important to our country, but specifically, we believe that being able to control it will benefit the people of Florida. “I will.” Said Desantis.

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Florida to help Arizona, Texas at southern border, DeSantis said Source link Florida to help Arizona, Texas at southern border, DeSantis said

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