Florida was hit by a red tide, but did fertilizer plants spill and worsen? | Florida

Mountain Dead fish, dolphins, turtles, manatees On the Florida coastline, catastrophic so-called “red tide” blue-green algae have struck marine life in the area and then rotten in reddish-brown seawater soup.

The city council in St. Petersburg, Florida issued a state of emergency last week, stating that the crew needed help clearing Dead Sea creatures from the beach.Over 800 tonnes of dead fish and marine life have been washed ashore in the Pinellas County area – and the smell is already there Hit the city..

Red tides are occurring in the area, but this year’s incident is serious, and some experts wonder if a pollution accident at an old fertilizer plant called Piny Point is the reason why it’s so bad. I am thinking.

In March, the dam in the reservoir of the abandoned factory that stored phosphate wastewater began to break down, prompting the temporary evacuation of neighboring residents on April 1. Two days later, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a state of emergency. The plant released 215 m gallons of contaminated water into Tampa Bay to prevent the reservoir from collapsing.

Current algae bloom It can be traced back to December 2020 when it began moving north along the coast to the Tampa Bay area. Tropical Cyclone Elsa also causes strong winds, which can pile up fish on the shore in much larger and odorous amounts.

Bloom was already present before the spill, but the extra nutrients from the spill of piny points created a chain of conditions that rapidly deteriorated and caused the algae blue-green algae. Professor Robert Weisberg of the University of South Florida said: Local news station He believed that the release of piny points could fuel the same flower and make things worse. “Without piny points, I don’t think we’ve risen to the level we’re seeing,” Weissberg explained.

Tom Fraser, now Dean and Professor of the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science, said nutrients from Pinney Point’s phosphate plant site could help develop in a discussion hosted by DeSantis. Said.

“I don’t think the red tide was the result of a piny point,” Fraser said. Fish Wildlife Research Institute In St. Petersburg. “One of the things we saw early on in the red tide was that it was south of the stocking area and the red tide continued to move to the bottom of Tampa Bay or to the north.

“It is quite possible that the nutrients in the system, recycled nutrients, contributed to it as a result of the piny points. But there are many sources of nutrients along the coast. And again, we Tried to deal with many of those nutrient sources. “

Red tide dead fish were launched along the waterfront park in St. Petersburg. Photo: Arielle Bader / AP

Red tide is a higher than normal concentration of microscopic plant-like organisms.In Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, most red tide-causing species Karenia brevis.. Red tides date back to the 1700s and were recorded in the area along the Florida Gulf Coast in the 1840s. It can cause respiratory problems in people, kill fish and other marine life, and cause shellfish poisoning in people.

Flowers usually start in the fall and disappear by January, but summer flowering in the region has occurred several times in recent history, such as 1995, 2005, and more recently 2018. .. Sea creatures as large as manatees and dolphins have caused widespread health effects and kept tourists away from the beach.

St. Petersburg city officials say this year’s genocide is worse than 2018. Justin Bloom, director of the Environmental Group’s Tampa Bay and Sun Coast Waterkeepers, said:

Locals are worried about red tide this weekend March Demand stronger protection of waterways in St. Petersburg. Not only are they calling for the Governor of Florida to declare an emergency, but they are also calling for plans to end phosphate mining in Florida.

“The failure to formulate environmental protection policies and the denial of long-term climate change have caused the current disaster in Tampa Bay,” a statement by the organizers of the protest said. “The Tampa Bay community requires state leaders to declare the current red tide crisis as a state of emergency.”

Florida was hit by a red tide, but did fertilizer plants spill and worsen? | Florida

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