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Gabrielle Petito was believed to have been in Grand Teton National Park with his boyfriend. Police say a van driven by the two has appeared in Florida.

North Port, Florida — A 22-year-old woman in Florida urged her family to report her missing because she went on a cross-country expedition but wasn’t seen or contacted for weeks. The investigator said.

Gabriel Petit was last known to have been in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, according to Suffolk County, New York police, but communications were lost. Her family, who live in Long Island, reported that she was missing on Saturday, September 11.

According to police, the Petit is 5 feet tall, 5 inches high and weighs 110 pounds. She has several tattoos, including a forearm tattoo that says “Forgive it.”

Her mother told KSL-TV Petito reportedly left Blue Point, NY on July 2nd on a two-year cross-country trip with his boyfriend. The two reportedly recorded their trip as “Nomadic Statik” on social media.

“She wanted to cross the country in a camper van, live in a van and live freely. This was her dream,” Nicole Schmidt told the television station.

Now her family is calling on her boyfriend to help find 22 years old. In a statement, Schmidt and Petit’s family said her boyfriend “refuses to help.”

“Schmidt and Petit’s family are experiencing the worst moments of their lives. Their beautiful 22-year-old daughter is missing and one who can help find Gabby refuses to help. Brian Laundry Was traveling with Gabby in Grand Teton – the Yellowstone area. He was traveling with Gabby’s 2012 Ford Transit Van. Gabby was last seen here.

Brian refuses to tell Gabby’s family where she last met her. Brian also refuses to explain why he left Gabby alone and drove her van to Florida. These are important questions that require immediate answers.

Schmidt and Petit’s family ask the Laundry family to “not stay in the background,” but help Brian find someone he called the love of life. If Brian is the one who knows Gabby’s whereabouts, how does Brian stay in the background?

Schmidt and Petit’s family begs Brian to come forward and at least tell us if we are looking for the right area. “

In a statement, the Northport Police Department said it was supporting the proceedings with the New York authorities. The agency believes there are no crimes in Florida, but says “the situation is strange.”

“The vehicle she was driving in was here in Northport,” the agency said. “So we are actively collecting local details and evidence to help us find the answers we need.” The Suffolk County Police Department said in a statement a white 2021 model with the Florida Plate QFTG03. Said it was a Ford Transit van.

Northport police say the van was found at Petit’s boyfriend’s parents’ home.

“It could obviously be a big piece of evidence,” said Josh Taylor, a spokeswoman for Northport Police.

“… But in reality, it’s useful to do a lot of data forensics in this case. Where was the phone last? When was the credit card last used?” When was that kind of thing? The last time the vehicle paid the toll? That is, there are all sorts of details that can be collected to assist reverse engineering … “he says. I did.

At this time, police have not said her boyfriend is a suspect and have stopped calling Laundry an “interested person.”

“I can’t say he’s the person of interest again at this point just because we need to talk to him and exclude it or move forward. We’re her I’m happy that there is enough information where I am very concerned about my health. “

Petit’s boyfriend returned to the area where the two moved a few years ago, but did not publicly talk about her disappearance.

She stopped responding after Schmidt told KSL-TV that the last text she received from her daughter was August 30th. She thought Petit and her boyfriend had lost the reception, but since then something has gone wrong.

“She seemed okay to me at the time, except I didn’t know where my relationship with my boyfriend was going,” Schmidt said.

A Laundry lawyer also issued a statement Tuesday afternoon. It reads:

“This is, of course, a very difficult time for both the Petit and Laundry families. We understand that the search for Miss Petit was conducted in or near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. We hope that our search for Miss Petit was successful on behalf of the Coindley family and that Miss Petit will reunite with her family. With Counsel’s advice, the Laundry family remains in the background at this point. There are no further comments. “

If you have information about the couple’s whereabouts, please call the Suffolk County Police Department (1-800-220-TIPS). FBI is 1-800-CALL-FBI or Tips.fbi.gov.

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