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Tampa Bay — The newlywed Jacqueline Ruby envisioned a fairytale wedding. She was looking for the perfect flower designer, so she arrived at Jason Sanders, owner of Jason’s Creations Wedding & Event Floristry LLC.

“His name continued to appear where every bridal shop recommended him,” Ruby said.

According to a deal with Jason’s Creations, Ruby has agreed to pay flower designers nearly $ 5,000 for wedding flowers. Ruby told ABC Action News that Sanders wanted to pay the full invoice two months before her big day.

According to bank records, Ruby paid Jason’s Creations most of the money before starting to see other brides’ online complaints about Sanders and his company.

Jackie Callaway, an I-Team investigator, discovered that the bride had filed a similar complaint with the Attorney General. Better business bureau Consumer protection offices in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

A review of court records shows that Jason Sanders is a convicted serious offender. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to dealing with stolen property and providing false information to a pawnshop.

Some brides who contacted ABC Action News say they used the mobile software application to request payment, even after Saunders said he stopped answering phone calls about orders.

Jason’s Creations was in downtown St. Petersburg until late 2020. According to court documents, Antonio Bell, a former business partner of Saunders, filed a proceeding against him in December 2020 for misconduct and misappropriation of funds. In August 2021, Jason Sanders filed for bankruptcy.

Bell’s lawyer says he was the minority owner who handled the administrative work. Bell is classified as a victim of the proceedings.

ABC Action News has confirmed that Saunders is currently working at a florist in Lynchburg, Virginia.

He replied to our message by email. In short, Sanders claims he worked with some brides to get their money back, but did not respond when we asked for the names of those brides. He also blames his former business partner for keeping him out of the business account he says he was forced to miss the wedding.

The following is a statement from Jason Sanders:

“I noticed that you were investigating a story dealing with me and Jason’s Creations. When you asked what my side of the story was, I shared some details with you. Obviously this is in progress (sic) Fighting a former business partner who was my life partner / fiancé I need to minimize it A word In terms of, I’m the creativity behind Jason’s Creations, 51% owner, and my former business owner was 49%. He processed the contract and paid the money. The person who received or refunded. All my login credentials were changed and initially rejected, but issued in court as well as his statement, he actually changed everything. So I couldn’t access it anymore. I can’t see any information about the contract or the bride. This caused me to miss the wedding and of course caused a fuss among many brides, of course! The last word I heard was “I’m going to see your business C rashes and burns” and that’s exactly what they did. There are so many that I want to scream from the rooftop (sic), but I’ve been harassed, threatened, and told to see what I say, so this is what I can share. I sent an email to the bride who contacted me asking the bank or credit card company to cancel the funds. Everyone thanked me and said it worked. If you have more brides who have hired Jasons Creations, make sure they can contact you. Please send me an email directly instead of posting it in the news. Then I can provide this letter with hope. To collect lost money. These accusations were dealt with in court in all attempts by the former partner to obtain almost anything, were dismissed, and were ruled in my favor. In the meantime, the judge told me that everything I built and worked hard, all the inventory I owned, was sitting in a storage unit where they only had the keys. After my life was threatened, I chose to leave Florida and visited my sister and my childhood friend. Almost a year later, the shop I helped with each season (sic) is still being harassed even if I’m not there. St. Pete Florida, where we signed a rental contract and paid for the refurbishment, was not opened. My entire world has changed in the coming months, again due to the lack of discussion so far. But I’m very sorry that this happened, I trusted the wrong person in my life, and as a result, this business was closed. Again, if you have a bride who hasn’t received a refund after contacting us, please let us know. We will send you this letter. Thank you. The years I spent growing my business, the passion my clients saw when they started their wedding, the five-star rating they kept above for the bride, it’s all about collapsing. It’s very sad down by something completely out of your control … this was a real nightmare, and again I apologize for my part with this, but I also continue to support the bride I would like to thank you, rather than connecting the lost bride to me and expecting a refund, make this a nuisance. “

Stephanivos, a veteran wedding planner unrelated to Jason’s Creations, says many brides didn’t see any signs of problems until it was too late. Voth advises brides who are currently planning their wedding:

  • Ask your wedding planner for a list of their trusted vendors
  • Please pay by credit card if possible in case of trouble
  • Negotiate a small deposit and avoid paying in a full month before the event

Some brides who signed with Jason’s Creations say they were forced to hire other vendors and pay for the flowers again after the Sanders business was closed.

Jacqueline Ruby wants an additional $ 4,000 that had to be spent on the second florist.

“You don’t do it to the bride on the greatest days of their lives,” she said.

Consumers who feel fraudulent can file a complaint with the Attorney General’s fraud line 866-9 NOSCAM or local law enforcement agencies.

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