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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-06-25 09:55:29 –

Pointing out the nuances of an EDM DJ set is like explaining which color of M & M you think is the most delicious. But the DJs who can discover the difference stand out. Veteran producer and DJ Flosstradamus did just that on Friday night.

When the sun set at the Summerfest venue, a crowd gathered on a set at 8 pm from a Chicago-based artist, splitting up with musical partner JK2 in 2016 and then becoming a solo act. But for the decade before that split, Flosstradamus was known as one of the founders of bringing trap music from hip-hop into the world of electronic music, and Friday’s set reminded it. Sitting on the riser of an oasis with Steve Aoki the night before, Frostradams took elements of dubstep, house, drum’n’bass and more into 90 minutes of non-stop music and pushed things in his direction. rice field. In the process, he tried everything from the one-hit wonder rapper OG Maco to the crazy frog version of the movie’s popular Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F.” Beverly Hills Cop, And it will all land with a crowd of oasis that is heavily biased towards the younger side of things. Now, more than a decade after starting EDM, Flosstradamus is an expert in moving crowds at this point, moving what they most surely did.

However, DJ’s specialty is all deep bass. Wherever Flosstradamus musically went, there was a proven base drop with a steam cannon. Thursday nights can be particularly heavy, and in many cases, just continuing to build beats, including fake outs that make fun of big bass drops, just came in with heavier sound drops. The fans were headbanging on the rails. And people who couldn’t turn off almost constant beats, screaming and moving with every twist.

Traps as a sub-genre are actually just the majority of the 15-year-old, but there were some elements of Friday night when Flosstradamus showed early signs of his career. Remixes of drill rappers like Chicago’s Chief Keef and Shouse’s “All I Need” have been particularly well received by the crowd. Tracks five years after their release may not be considered old elsewhere, but consider that they could have been a quarter. Of the average oasis fan age on Friday. The big remix felt a bit off contemporary, but it also played like a playlist of what the trap compilation’s biggest hits sounded like. However, despite being a master of his technique, nothing stayed in the mix for more than a minute, and it was easy to move from one remix to another.

Flosstradamus did the necessary work in the first half of the double-heading bill, while Dillion Francis continued the Miller Lite Oasis heading later that night. Raise the crowd and keep it there. Flosstradamus left the stage on Friday night, and the Oasis spectators made a fuss, leaving one DJ away from the next in just a few minutes.

Allen Harras

Allen Harras is a lifelong Milwaukee who has been involved in local music for over 15 years. He is an avid Milwaukee Bucks follower and a general supporter of everything the city must offer. Find him on social media: @AllenHalas.

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June 25, 2022

8:55 am

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