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Portland, Oregon 2021-09-20 02:10:35 –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) – The lack of flowers puts a strain on companies trying to provide sufficient profits to their customers.

Florists and event planners say finding the right flowers has become a challenge in recent months as demand grows. They also said wholesalers were in short supply due to labor and distribution issues that could affect events such as weddings and funerals.

Randy and India Rogers have owned Flowers by Richard for the past three years, but the store has been equipment for 30 years in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

They said they needed to do more work and get the flowers they needed more creatively in order to procure flowers from Ecuador and Hawaii and ship them to Myrtle Beach overnight.

“We still have other sources, so we’re doing that, so it may take a little longer than usual, but we can still do that,” said Indrogers. rice field.

According to Rogers, flowers aren’t the only thing missing. It’s hard to get greens, pots, vases, etc.

according to floristsreview.comThe current decline in flower supply is due to factors such as last year’s pandemic shutdown, bad weather, increased demand for truck drivers, increased international shipping charges, and simply increased demand for flowers.

Farms around the world, including the United States, South America and the Netherlands, supply flowers to florists and retailers, and the industry is largely responding to the rescheduled wedding boom that was postponed during the closure. Demand is skyrocketing.

Debbie Benson, co-owner of the Myrtle Beach Gizinoel event, said she was also struggling to get flower deliveries.

“The order was completed in a couple of weeks, but I didn’t receive it,” says Benson.

According to Benson, shortages have the greatest impact on weddings, as brides often pay for some of their flower arrangements a year or two in advance. According to Benson, the price is so high that the high cost of securing a particular flower must be passed on to the customer.

“There is nothing I can do,” Benson said. “Well, I have to say,’I’m really sorry, I can’t get the peony.'” They are now $ 65 and that’s $ 10. And you need 10 or more, so you need to explain to them that there is no way unless they want to raise their budget, and most brides don’t. “I really want to do it. “

Florists and event planners also said they didn’t know how long the shortage would last. Benson knows that the industry is trying to keep its customers happy.

“We are all working hard,” Benson said. “No matter what we do, every florist aims to make our customers happy on the happiest day of their lives. We are doing our best.”

Flower shortage hits businesses as wedding boom drives demand Source link Flower shortage hits businesses as wedding boom drives demand

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