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“Flying treats”: Can dogs and cats eat light meals safely in cicadas?

“Dog eats a lot. Before the owner catches the dog, he opens the pantry and eats five pounds of dog food,” said Dr. Hohenhaus. “One dog lifted a shark toy, so if you had a dog going to the countryside on the weekends to eat horse droppings, you would have diarrhea on Monday morning.”

For pets that lifted cicadas and landed in the vet’s ER, she said the cause and effect were not always clear. “I don’t know if the cicada shells made the dog sick, or if it was the trash that the dog ate from the bathroom basket at Cleanex.”

However, Cicadas can offend some cats, especially dogs. (Consider potato chips: can you eat only one?)

“Cicadas are easy to catch, so some animals go to town and eat them,” said Dr. Klippen, who sees several dogs a week for this reason. She said the risk was not due to insects, but to dehydration associated with vomiting and diarrhea, or to absorption of pesticides applied to cicadas.

For dogs that can’t stop cicadas, “think basket muzzle,” Dr. Klippen said. “It’s beneficial and doesn’t prevent the dog from panting or drinking.”

Also, try walking your dog at dawn and dusk, when cicadas are less active, Dr. Wismer advised. Avoid routes that include cicadas, as cicadas are found in and around mature trees.

Heavy BB around pets and cicadas comes primarily from the coordination of several factors. There is a bug appearance once every 20 years. And the growing attachment and overprotection that owners have developed for their pets during the blockage over the past year. In addition, according to veterinarians, people’s concerns have been revealed by the internet and news media.

“But basically, we’re talking about something other than the coronavirus,” Dr. Klippen said.

“Flying treats”: Can dogs and cats eat light meals safely in cicadas?

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