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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-11-29 19:00:29 –

This is part of the excitement of Titans home games. The dramatic military flyover took place at the perfect time for the end of the national anthem.

But now Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 We have discovered that the recent flyover by Fort Campbell’s 101st Airborne Division may have crossed the line from dramatic to dangerous.

“The general reaction, yeah, it wasn’t safe,” said Larry Williams, a retired aviation safety inspector at the Federal Aviation Administration. “It was very dangerous.”

An agency spokesperson told NewsChannel 5, “FAA is following up with the military on this flight.”

Lieutenant Colonel Kali McCueen, a spokesman for the 101st Airborne Division, downplayed his concerns.

“The unit that carried out the elevated road is in contact with FAA Nashville. There are no planned reviews at this time.”

The November 14th flyover was part of the “Salute to Service” aimed at honoring men and women who served our country.

However, this salute, including four combat helicopters from the 101st Airborne Division, was a salute that Tennessee Titans fans would probably never forget.

Moreover Social media, Titans posted a video from within the cockpit of one of those helicopters.

Tennessee Titans / 101st Airborne Division

Cockpit view of Titans Flyover

Instead of flying over Nissan Stadium, the chopper passed at eye level with fans on the upper deck.

Flyover at Nissan Stadium

Several videos posted on social media show how flyover has turned into what one veteran pilot called “fly-in.”

“Some people were on the flyover,” one person posted on Twitter.

Another statement was, “The flyover was a little. [too] I’m about to knock down the flag and the camera. “

Another called it “eerie.”

“Don’t remember other flyovers when they fly so low.”

Retired aviation safety inspector Larry Williams said the FAA’s rules for military flyover “should be achieved above 1,000 feet of the highest obstacles.”

What happened here was something Williams had never seen.

Video taken from a nearby skyscraper shows how four helicopters flew between the stadium and fans.

Another video shot from a nearby bar shows the chopper’s surge from the stadium.

But what the former FAA inspector was worried about was what we found and was much harder to see.

when Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 When you slow down the video, the helicopter passes underneath what looks like some sort of cable stretched throughout the stadium.

“They went under the cable,” Williams said. “It appeared just a few feet from there, so if they got off just a few feet, it would have been a disaster.”

If you look at it from another angle, you can clearly see the cable.

But from the cockpit camera, it doesn’t look that easy.

“I wonder if they saw the cable before they got there,” Williams said.

Surveyed by NewsChannel 5 I asked, “What is the possibility of that cable crossing the stadium?”

“Well, especially if you hit a cable with a helicopter, you’re more likely to crash,” Williams replied.

Shortly before the story aired, a Titans spokesman responded to NewsChannel 5’s request for comment, claiming that what looked like a cable was actually an “optical illusion” related to field goal netting. bottom.

Anyway, FAA veterans say that helicopters were never allowed to fly through the stadium itself at Nissan Stadium that day.

If they were citizens, “probably those pilots had their licenses suspended or revoked,” Williams said.

Flyover at Titans game draws scrutiny Source link Flyover at Titans game draws scrutiny

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