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Aurora, Colorado 2021-11-25 08:00:53 –

The day before Thanksgiving, Lana Rope’s “sweat with leggings” was preparing to load food boxes into hundreds of vehicles expected to line up next. Colorado Community Church In the aurora.

Lopes is the coordinator of the church’s food pantry distribution, which takes place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month.

“You will be amazed at how much food we put in those boxes,” Lopez said. “These boxes are heavy. Good training.”

The coronavirus pandemic made the load particularly heavy. The number of cars to drive ranged from 250 to 300 per distribution. After being depressed as business and event restrictions were relaxed, Lopez said the numbers surged again.

Similar to Rockies Food BankLopez, affiliated with Colorado and Wyoming churches and more than 800 other organizations, sees many people who have never been to a food pantry before a pandemic.

“At the height of COVID, about 40% of the people who served did not need food aid until then. Denver-based Rockies Food Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Elimple said: It says.

And like the Colorado Community Church, food banks continue to meet high demand. At the height of the pandemic, Rockies’ food bank distribution increased by 55% to 60%, 10% to 15% above pre-pandemic levels, according to Pull.

The Rockies Food Bank will distribute food to people in need outside the Colorado Community Church in Denver, Colorado, on November 24, 2021. The Food Bank of the Rockies has received a $ 50,000 grant from Google. This grant works with food banks to improve online information and help people find places to buy food. (Photo by RJ Sangosti / The Denver Post)

The latest challenges for food banks and pantry are rising inflation and rising food prices. Food bank The Associated Press reported that it is feeling the effects of inflation and supply chain turmoil across the country.

“Prices for such classic ground beef rose 27% last year. Vegetable oils are up 54%. Canned fruits are up 30%,” says Pulling.

Fares are up 25%. According to Pull, food banks have become more efficient and can now distribute enough food to four families for every dollar donated to buy food by truck. Much of the food is donated.

“But we still need the money to bring the food in order to check transportation costs and fuel, labor, and inventory of the food and put it into the distribution system,” said Pull.

The Farmers to Families Food Box program, launched by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2020, ended in May. According to Pull, the program provided about 30% of the food bank’s reserves for one year.

“The net effect of all these factors meant more than three times what we spend on food. We currently spend nearly $ 1 million on food every month. This is 2019. It’s three times as much, “says Pulling.

The food bank ordered 7,000 turkey breasts and nearly 6,000 turkey breasts for this year’s Thanksgiving. They were trimmed and distributed to hundreds of food distribution centers and pantry.

Food banks are also working on the distribution of fresher produce and “culturally sensitive foods,” according to Pull.

Food Bank of the Rockies, partners continue to face high demand for services Source link Food Bank of the Rockies, partners continue to face high demand for services

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