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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — “Food insecurity in the elderly affects their entire life, which affects their cognitive abilities, their health,” said Aubury Krueger-Kutchara.

Krueger-Kutchara is the director of community engagement with the Connections Area Agency on Aging in Iowa, helping older people live comfortably in their homes.

A recent study by Northwestern University found that 13.5% of adults over the age of 60 face food insecurity, a sharp increase of almost 60% from before the pandemic.

Krueger-Kutchara experienced this problem directly through his work.

“In the case of seniors, people often don’t think about it because our seniors can’t proudly ask for help. They don’t want anyone to know that they’re having a hard time. And it all comes down to independence. They don’t want to lose independence. ”

Obstacles, lack of transportation and living in rural areas all increase the risk of food insecurity in the elderly.

Connections can help counter this by hosting multiple meal sites, serving meals, and helping older people apply for SNAP benefits.

“One of the new programs they started in Iowa is the Iowa Cafe. It’s for communities that may not have a place to eat, small communities that may have one restaurant, and in the aging area. The agency has partnered with a local company to serve the elderly, “said Kruger Kuchara.

The Heartland Hope mission also works to keep older people from getting hungry. They have two pantry in the area and deliver food.

Since July of this year, the number of deliveries to the elderly has doubled.

Pastor Chelsea Salifou, Chief Executive Officer of the Heartland Hope Mission, said:

Salifou said many retirees and bonds, especially the recent rise in food costs, really require older people to increase their budgets.

“They sometimes have to make a decision between’I buy medicine or food’,” Sarifo said.

The Heartland Hope Mission aims to reduce the financial burden.

“Many of these older people had never thought of it when they retired. They would be in places where they needed help to survive,” Sarifo said.

Visit Connections Area Agency on Aging For more information on dining locations, please visit our website.

Click here for more information At the Iowa Cafe program.

Visit the Heartland Hope Mission website To learn more about their resources for the elderly and donate.

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