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Ecosystems are a delicately balanced biological arrangement, and even the disappearance of seemingly minor species within them can have significant knock-on effects.

A good example, according to scientists, is the prevailing unbalance between predatory fish and their prey on coral reefs around the world.

According to French and US researchers who analyzed the stomach contents of most fish species found in six coral reef systems around the world, these predators chose their prey more carefully than previously thought and encountered them on reefs. It’s not just about eating fish. ..

Scientists have investigated more than 600 feeding habits found on six coral reefs near Okinawa in Japan, Hawaii in the United States, the West Indies, New Caledonia, Madagascar, and the Marshall Islands.

Despite their geographical distance, the food webs of all six reefs were very similar in composition. Despite the large number of other available groceries, two-thirds of the predators surveyed were found to be special bait boxes that showed strong favors. For certain prey animals.

A study published found that the world’s coral reef food webs are more delicate than widely envisioned, as the loss of one large fish species can result in the loss of the entire coral reef ecosystem. Indicates that there is.

“It is worth noting that similar patterns are seen in coral reef systems around the world, especially the extinction of large fish species, which can have a significant impact on coral reef systems,” said the University of Texas Marine Sciences. Associate Professor Jordan Casey emphasizes. Austin Marine Science Institute.

This is embarrassing because overfishing of larger fish on coral reefs can deplete their numbers, especially in parallel with other stressors such as climate change and water pollution.

Therefore, protection measures on coral reefs need to be comprehensive.

“Coral reefs depend on the efficient use of all living things,” said assistant professor Simon Brandle. “If a fish specializes in eating certain types of snails and the fish disappears, the snails may not be eaten and may continue to live happily. This is a food that can be provided to other coral reef creatures. A dead end is born. Snails. Bad news for everyone else living there. “

Coral reef food webs are more delicate than previously thought to have first appeared in the Sustainability Times.

sauce: Sustainability Times

Food webs at coral reefs are more delicate than previously thought Source link Food webs at coral reefs are more delicate than previously thought

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