Footage shows Aurora officers tackling, using Taser on man – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-09-24 22:25:02 –

Aurora, Colorado — Aurora police officers have been on paid leave after a body camera footage showing a violent traffic outage was released.

Video from a transportation stop on May 15 shows Aurora police officers working on and using a taser at Prestonnan III.

Aurora police did not succumb to police officers as they made another traffic stop at E. Irif Avenue near S. Buckley Road the time before what was shown during the footage. I said that.

“Slow down and get over,” said the officer while asking Nan for his license and registration in the video.

During the video, Nan began looking for documents around the car, and police officers shouted for his hands to remain on his face.

During a press conference on Thursday held by Nan, a community organization and activists, Nan said officers did not give him time to follow him.

“When I first stopped, I thought it was just a transportation stop. To be honest, I didn’t know if I would be beaten or attacked that way, but he approached the car. At that time, I really thought he was. It was overkill. ” “When he approached the car and requested my license, registration, insurance that I was ready to offer him, he didn’t give me time to offer it, he just gave me the whole situation. I was squeezed. “

The case was previously reviewed by the Aurora Police Force Review Committee. The Board recommended additional training to the relevant primary officers.

This week, Secretary Vanessa Wilson said, “with great care,” police officers chose to begin an internal investigation of the case during the holidays.

Nan’s family is now calling on four policemen involved in the trial to be dismissed and intervene in Colorado leaders.

Aurora Police issued the following statement:

“Aurora police know the video of the camera they are wearing that CBS4 received. APD did not provide the video. The station received a copy from an unknown source.

The traffic outage occurred on May 15, 2021 at 12:18 am. When the suspect’s car entered the policeman’s lane before stopping in the video, the policeman was making another traffic stop at Irif near Buckley. .. One of the policemen was able to catch up with the vehicle and stop the traffic. The interaction is recorded on the camera you are wearing.

As seen in the video, during the stop, the driver does not fully cooperate with the officer’s instructions, ignoring the officer’s command to stop, on his body and the hidden parts of his car. I kept reaching for it repeatedly.

This case was previously reviewed by the Force Review Board (FRB). The Fed’s findings determined that normative training in a variety of areas needed to be provided to officers in areas of deescalation, communication, and other tactical subjects.

Chief Wilson recognizes that watching videos in any situation can be a hassle. Therefore, we decided to start a full investigation with great care.

In accordance with APD policy, relevant officers were on paid leave until a full investigation of the case was completed. “

Aurora Police Station

“In the eyes of the negotiating forces, this police officer did nothing wrong,” said the Aurora Police Coalition.

“He acted as trained. Watching the entire video, he was using deescalation skills. During that contact, the contacted subject did not cooperate with the police. There were other people on the scene. He wasn’t the police officer who was telling him to cooperate, and he hasn’t done so yet, “the police union said in a statement. “This investigation was conducted, but there is no reason to resume it. This caused the negotiating department to inform the city’s management of the lack of trust in the Prime Minister’s Office, but the union president can meet them. I am convinced. To reestablish trust. “

The case was revealed in just over a week by Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser. Announced details of 14-month survey According to the Colorado Department of Law, Aurora police have shown that they use excessive force and racially biased police practices and violate state and federal law as part of their patterns and practices.

Footage shows Aurora officers tackling, using Taser on man Source link Footage shows Aurora officers tackling, using Taser on man

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