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Foote: Monday’s comeback win for Bob Marlin’s squad special enough to savor | UL Ragin’ Cajuns – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Indeed, games like UL with 76-74 wins outperformed UTA in a dramatic way on Monday and are important for many reasons.

At first glance, Ragin’Cajuns finished third in Sun Belt West with two games remaining, and UL controlled his destiny in hopes of taking a second spot on the weekend’s road trip to Little Rock. Is done.

However, the big picture is not always the best view for an individual game.

Some moments are more meaningful than standings and lack of team depth can undermine hope for future championships.

In many cases this is not the case, but in some cases it is best to simply assess the glorious victories of those who influenced the moment, regardless of their long-term impact.

The short-handed Cajun, who returned from a 60-49 deficit in the middle of the second half and won the home finale, is a perfect example.

At Senior Night, two UL seniors, Cedric Russell and Douguay, made a slow comeback to win Reisin Cajun hard-…

There may have been a will, but there was no execution for the first 10 minutes of the second half. But for some reason, Cajun went to a slow tie before senior leader Cedric Russell hit two free throws with 9.2 seconds left and UTA starguard Shahda Wells’s basket drive was buzzed off the mark. I scratched the road and scratched it.

“What a basketball game,” said UL coach Bob Marlin. “What kind of script would this be? You couldn’t write it anymore.

“I’m very proud of our people. We hung there. The UTA played very well. They played good enough to win, but we I didn’t mean to make it happen. Our seniors didn’t mean to make it happen. “

It was certainly a perfect illustration of what a senior night should be. Two seniors, Russell and forward Doe Guay, who were honored before the match, basically wanted UL to win.

Russell finished with 26 points, and Gueye collected 18 points and seven boards.

The experience taught at Russell Senior Night is not guaranteed. As a freshman, he lost to Little Rock Team 72-61, whose 27-win team struggled overtime, and brought Appalachian State University a 90-80 home loss in the final home game of the second year.

“I felt like I needed to change that,” Russell said. “We still had to lock it and put all our emotions aside to get the job done. Tonight we had a tip on our shoulders. We won’t lose our senior night like we did in the past. was.”

Since the coronavirus is a one-year experiment, all the signs are a unique Sun Belt Conference weekend schedule.

In this game, Russell came in second with a three-point shot, scoring the 63rd double-digit career game and the 27th total points leading the team, just 16 times behind the best Blood Void ever. ..

For Russell, however, this night was all about it, but none of it. Deeply, he knew it might be the last game he played at Cajundome. All those memories shook his heart, but he also wanted to create some special new ones.

“It was a really moving night for me,” Russell said. “Coach Marlin brought me. I’ve been here for four years and it was very moving. I decided I had to do something about it.

“It was very moving to me to know the work I spent four years here, especially after the last horn, to get to where I am.”

Marlin was certainly happy to see Russell scoring on the 9.2 second line.

“I was happy to see him because I knew he would make him on the free throw line,” Marlin said. “He is the winner.

“He’s very competitive. He wants the ball in late game situations. He talks about his scoring, but he does a lot more than scoring the ball. He really Cunning. He made a tough runner in the second half of the match and was ready for the match with about three minutes remaining. “

This night was also about Marlin himself. He too had so many flashbacks in mind as his Cajun counterattacked from a double-digit deficit, improving overall to 15-7 and 9-6 in the league.

Since the coronavirus is a one-year experiment, all the signs are a unique Sun Belt Conference weekend schedule.

In his case, emotions were about the big picture, and the victory pushed Marlin beyond Kermit Davis to number one on the Sun Belt coach’s all-time victory list.

When Marlin approached the festive locker room after the match, the team’s mind wasn’t just alive with their hope of becoming the second-place seed in Pensacola two weeks later.

“We got to the locker room, and I turned my toes there a bit, and I could see them all in a water bottle, and they showered me pretty well.” Said thank-you Marlin.

“They bathed me. I told a good story.”

There is a bond between coaches and players that has been built after many years of hard work that exceeds rankings and post-season expectations.

“It’s a great honor,” Russell said. “We talked about it shortly after the victory. Thank him. He is a great coach, a great person, a very solid religionist, just a great person. He is sincere. It’s a big milestone for him. I’m glad I was able to participate in putting the last piece of the puzzle on top. “

The comeback victory was not a coincidence. Sure, the ball bounced off UL’s path in an attempt at Wells’ last shot, but much was spent trying to reach that crucial moment.

In the second half, there were many moments when the game seemed to be unraveled for Cajun. That is when the relationship between the coach and the players is most important.

“That’s what the coach keeps preaching to me throughout each match,” Russell said. “Whenever someone is on the free throw line, deadball, or out of a timeout, it’s just to attract everyone and stay positive.”

“So I’m trying to preach to them in court. I tell them,” No matter how much they’re up, the game hasn’t won yet. It hasn’t won yet. ” You have to keep fighting, keep rebounding, keep leaning on each other. “

Above all, Gueye listened to the encouragement and acted.

UL’s explosive victory over ULM on Saturday was important in many ways more than was most realized at the time.

“It’s all about the team,” Gueye said. “It’s all about being together. That’s the game-it goes up and down every time. We’re a family there. We’re always calm and play together.”

It was certainly a brave effort that Marlin and his staff would someday use to motivate future teams in need of sparks.

But such a satisfying moment is usually a moment in sports.

The big picture is always around the corner.

“I’m glad I did that, so don’t worry now,” Marlin said. “We can move forward and get ready for Little Rock on Friday night.”

Like a coach, like a player.

“That definitely means a lot, but the work isn’t done,” Russell said. “We need to keep getting more victories.”

Well, back to reality, the memories from Monday’s victory must be safely hidden.

Sub-zero temperatures that hit Louisiana and Texas last week caused the entire Sunbelt West men’s basketball race to rest for a week.

Foote: Monday’s comeback win for Bob Marlin’s squad special enough to savor | UL Ragin’ Cajuns Source link Foote: Monday’s comeback win for Bob Marlin’s squad special enough to savor | UL Ragin’ Cajuns

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