For 1st time, FDA authorizes vaping brand, saying it helps smokers quit cigarettes – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-10-12 17:48:09 –

From Washington-Tuesday Heath officials approved the first e-cigarette in the United States, saying RJ Reynolds’ vape products could benefit adult smokers.

According to data submitted by the Food and Drug Administration, Vuse e-cigarettes have helped smokers quit smoking or significantly reduce the use of tobacco, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.

Tuesday’s first decision is part of the FDA’s drastic efforts to bring scientific scrutiny to the multi-billion dollar vapor industry after years of delay.

In September, the agency announced that it had rejected applications for more than one million e-cigarettes and related products, primarily because it could appeal to minor teens. However, regulators have delayed the decision-making of most major vaping companies, including market leader Juul.

The FDA’s decision applies only to Vuse’s refillable SoloPower devices and their tobacco-flavored nicotine cartridges. The FDA said it had rejected 10 other requests from the company for other flavor products, but did not provide details. The agency is still considering the company’s request to sell menthol-flavored nicotine formulations.

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“Today’s approval is an important step in ensuring that all new tobacco products receive the FDA’s strong and scientific premarket assessment,” Mitch Zeller, director of the FDA’s Tobacco Center, said in a statement. I am.

“Manufacturer data show that its tobacco-flavored products may benefit addicted adult smokers who switch to these products, either completely or by significantly reducing tobacco consumption. I am. “
E-cigarettes first appeared in the United States more than a decade ago and promised to provide smokers with a less harmful alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The device heats the nicotine solution in the inhaled vapor.

However, few rigorous studies have been conducted on whether e-cigarettes really help smokers quit smoking. And the FDA’s efforts and claims to begin reviewing vaping products have repeatedly been slowed down by political interests competing with industry lobbying.
In recent years, the vaping market has grown to include hundreds of companies selling a range of devices and nicotine solutions of different flavors and strengths. However, most of the market is managed by several companies, such as Juul Labs and Vuse, which are partially owned by Altria.

To stay on the market, businesses must show that their products benefit public health. In fact, that means that adult smokers who use the product may quit or reduce smoking, and teens are less likely to get hooked on them.

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For 1st time, FDA authorizes vaping brand, saying it helps smokers quit cigarettes Source link For 1st time, FDA authorizes vaping brand, saying it helps smokers quit cigarettes

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