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Both Serafina and Santino received life-saving treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Courtesy of Samantha Thavasa

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Name: Samantha Thavasa
Age: 32 years old
From: Wakefield

I’m running the Boston Marathon for my daughter Serafina and my son Santino.

Serafina was born with a congenital heart disease and underwent a life-saving open heart surgery at the Boston Children’s Hospital in 2019 at the age of two months. In October 2020, my son was born three months early and BCH worked with the NICU team to save his life.

I may be a new runner (March 2020), but it’s no wonder the great work of Boston Children’s Hospital.

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‘For my daughter Serafina and my son Santino’ Source link ‘For my daughter Serafina and my son Santino’

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