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For parents, every day is a bird school

A 5-year-old kid got a bird kid’s guide for his birthday. The birthday was celebrated internally. He pondered it for hours, taught himself to read with pure desire, and sought the help of longer and more complex words over the course of weeks. He memorized one after another.

The posters we drew are now lined up on the walls of the dining room — at this point 25, once a week, and the number is constantly increasing. His little hands were initially uncertain, with lines and letters stopped and hesitating, but as weeks went on, he became more confident and ambitious. Birds in the backyard. Seabird. Exotic, bright Crayola. They reach the ceiling. There is not enough space.

A new school year has begun and we were still inside. A teenager retreated to high school in his bedroom while we packed a small desk in the corner of the dining room. Zoom kindergarten developed on the tablet screen, birds are flocking to the feeding box just outside. For the show, a 5-year-old kid flips the camera over and asks other kids to see the birds. Zoom schools aren’t all bad.

The beginning of school fell and the leaves glowed yellow and red. Prepare for the unknown world of “dark winter” that continues to fall like a rope on the pit. Incidents are ubiquitous, exceeding one million in just one week. Numbers — The numbers are peopleI remember when I check it every day — it seems impossible, but experts warn that it will get even bigger in winter.

Things are changing rapidly. We go inside and look out.

The feeder also changes. The migratory birds unexpectedly visited for a stopover and went as soon as they came. Woodpeckers, once novel, are now regulars. Their normal supply of insects disappeared with the onset of the cold. A red-bellied woodpecker, an artistic dream with a shocking red stripe on its head and black and white polka dots on its wings, now regularly fights small trash birds and throws sharp beaks in their direction. I will. They are too crowded.

Most mornings now I knock off ice from a bird bath (a plastic tray in an upside-down flowerpot). I take a mental note to study warmers. It’s been 255 days since the boys last went to school. It was a cold day yesterday, but it is still a cold day. All seasons inside.

For parents, every day is a bird school

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