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The failure of the bill has revived filibuster, a call to abolish decades-old rules that required 60 votes.

Washington- Filibuster For now, stay here.

And it to Congressional President Joe Biden and Democrats facing the opposition wall of the Republican Party, led by Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s “100%” focusing on their arrest. Raising a challenge agenda..

Ambitious defeat this week Election bill Congressmen and supporters have shown that they have begun to pay attention to the pesky Senate rules that have been in place for decades, which require 60 votes to proceed with most legislation. After a while, they raised filibuster from procedural backwaters to mainstream politics, changed the mindset of senators, how rules could be used to stop Biden’s goals, and how they were used. I showed you.

Still, the rigorous task of uniting all 50 Democrats in the Senate over a strategy to change filibuster has just begun. Reformers, as well as Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Cinema, need to persuade them to abolish this practice. Biden has been calm about filibuster, and as many as 10 Democratic senators have quietly announced their reservations, but their numbers appear to be declining as Republican frustration grows.

Trayston, senior advisor to Battleborn Collective, a group advocating for change, said: “Now we know what filibuster does on the agenda of democracy.”

The collapse of the election bill provides an inflection point in the middle of Biden’s first year at the White House, as Democrats are aware of the narrow limits of Congress.

The results of the 50-50 vote on the election bill reflected the equal division of the Senate faction, but lawmakers and supporters trying to change the filibuster actually sought to change the priority bill. Progress has been made in uniting the Democratic Party.

Just hours before the vote, Manchin notified Senate leader Chuck Schumer that he would be on board. This was after Manchin and Cinema met separately with Biden at the White House the night before and Schumer vowed to charge the highest amount for Manchin’s proposed changes.

Defeating Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, was a step forward that supporters wanted.

“Huge,” said Eli Zupnick, a spokesman for Fix Our Senate, another group seeking filibuster changes.

Bill S.1, For the People Act, is a unique test case for reviewing filibuster due to the urgency of the upcoming 2022 elections. Republican-led states impose restrictive new legislation warned by Democrats and advocates, giving voters access, especially in black and minority communities and cities where Democrats tend to be upset. May limit.

Republicans argue that legislation is a large federal overkill for state elections, unnecessary, and designed to support the Democratic Party.

By uniting around the bill, it reminded Democratic senators of the power they have when they work as a group. It also demonstrates the value of forcing the issue, as it happened after the Republicans deployed filibusters to prevent the establishment of an independent committee to investigate the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. I did. The bill actually gained bipartisan support, but it wasn’t enough to meet the 60-vote requirement to move forward.

“This is not a game of any kind,” said D-Minn, chair of the Rules Committee. Said Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Proponents of the Filibuster Reform expect to maintain unity while the Democratic Party prepares for: Summer showdownSprinkled millions of dollars on campaign ads and pressured Biden and Democratic senators to change the rules.

Some of the proposals being discussed to change filibuster could also lower the 60-vote threshold to 55 or 51, allowing Vice President Kamala Harris to act as a tiebreaker. .. Some want to stand upstairs in the Senate and talk to legislative opponents to obstruct the old-fashioned way of proceedings.

Another idea is to design a rule change by August to set another vote on the election bill just before summer vacation, forcing Republican opponents to stay in town if they want to filibuster. is. But that may be an advantage in the slow-moving Senate.

Filibuster was not intended as part of the original Senate design and was previously modified. McConnell designed a 51-vote threshold to identify President Donald Trump’s three Supreme Court candidates, with his predecessor, Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid, in the administration and inferior. Expanded the changes we made to identify court candidates. Long ago, a major change in the 1970s lowered the 67-vote threshold to 60.

Manchin and Cinema in Arizona are one of those who argue that maintaining filibuster promotes transpartisanity, rather than allowing a majority to pass like the House of Representatives. They are the loudest claim to abolish filibuster, but they do not rule out support for rule changes.

Cinema showed in an editorial published the night before the vote what many considered a possible roadmap for ideas. “It’s time for the Senate to discuss obstruction of legislative proceedings,” she wrote.

The Democratic Party is considering various options for voting bills and filibuster, and is expected to talk personally before the next working period in July. Ideas include splitting the bill into components for separate votes, or simply trying to pass the bill, or testing the Republican Party’s willingness to continue filibuster.

Klobuchar will address the issue at a hearing in Georgia’s fierce battle state this summer, in a state where Republican leaders are imposing strict new legislation.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is also laying the groundwork for Congress to consider other voting bills, including the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, in the fall.

“The battle for oppression of modern voters has just begun,” said Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

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