Ford Bronco Sport overturns CO’s Black Bear Pass

NS Ford Bronco Sport Rolled about 400 feet near Colorado’s infamous Black Bear Pass Telluride Drive out the driver and dog on Sunday morning ( Bronco Sport In the process of the engine). Both the driver and the dog were injured in the accident, but the passengers on the scene seemed to have survived unharmed.

according to Durango HeraldThe Bronco Sport was driven by an inexperienced driver visiting from outside the state. The driver was trying to stop the series of one-way switchback climbs when the vehicle lost purchases on the rock face during the turn and rolled down the side of the mountain.

The pass is coveted for its spectacular scenery, but is notorious in such cases where authorities often close the pass for extended periods of time when recovering vehicles and, in some cases, victims (often pets). .. Such incidents are usually the result of the driver’s inexperience or the selection of a vehicle that is inappropriate for the task at hand. In this case, Sheriff’s Office San Miguel says it’s a little bit of both.

“The Black Bear Pass is a very dangerous road and should only be driven by an experienced off-road driver in the right vehicle,” the sheriff posted at the end of the Twitter thread above. “Legally, a 16-year-old who got DL time before might try to drive a pass on Grandma’s 80’s sedan. That doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

Bronco Sport slotted under the iconic Bronco 4×4 has much of its foundation Ford escape.. Even models with all-wheel drive struggle with hardcore off-road terrain. Authorities have not yet confirmed whether the driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the incident, but said she did not appear to be wearing it.

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Ford Bronco Sport overturns CO’s Black Bear Pass

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