Ford Lightning orders open next week

Ford Lightning orders may start on October 26th next week, according to a report from a parent company forum.

This is based on a message left by a Ford sales representative to forum users.

This is Whole message:

“Hello<予約保持者>,this is<ディーラー>of<営業担当者>is. It turns out that the F-150 Lightning Order Bank is scheduled to open on October 26th. At that point, you will be able to convert your booking into an order that actually assembles the truck. I’m looking forward to it. Reservations are time stamped, but the time to submit an order is important. If you have any questions,<電話番号>Please feel free to call us. When we get a little closer, we’ll let you know about the schedule for getting together and assembling the truck. have a great day. “

These things are always worth taking with a grain of salt — how can you tell that this is not made up by the user? If it’s real, how can you tell that your sales reps aren’t wrong or lying? — But if it’s genuine, that means Lightning hits your fantasies (sorry), you can put your order down within 7 days.

Build and price configuration tools may also be published on the company’s consumer website at the same time. In fact, consumers need to use this tool to specify the track the way they want. Keep an eye on Ford’s site.

[Image: Ford]

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Ford Lightning orders open next week

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