Ford Mustang GT tops the list in 2021

Cars made with the most American / Canadian parts content 2021 Ford Mustang GT – with manual transmission, specifically no less – Ford American University Cogod Business School’s annual top for the second consecutive year “Made in USA“” index.. I already knew it wouldn’t be much more American than a V8 pony car, but now there are numbers to prove it.

Ford’s iconic coupe won a fairly compelling number one slot this year, with 88.5% of its components coming from US or Canadian sources. Properly, perhaps confusing, 21 models were on the top 10 list in 2021. As you can imagine, this is the result of multiple relationships. Also note that many models are displayed multiple times to illustrate variants built with parts from different sources.Top rank Mustang A perfect example.The Mexican-supplied transmission drops the automatic GT to 10th place tie, right next to the EcoBoost model and Ram’s. 1500 Classic At 3.6L V6.

The “American” theme goes through the top “10” fairly strongly. Chevrolet corvette Sit pretty much in 2nd place, followed by all 3 variations Tesla Model 3 Electric car. Honda It also makes some looks, thanks to its fairly important US manufacturing footprint. The 21 vehicles that make up the Top 10 of the year are: please do not worry. Typing feels as strange as reading.

Last year’s winner, Medium size Ford Ranger Pickups, craters in 16th place, down from 70% American parts content to just 45%. However, keep in mind that the pandemic has forced automakers to procure parts outside their normal supply chain, and such drops should be taken with a grain of salt. Kogod said the overall proportion of content between manufacturers has remained relatively unchanged despite this significant turmoil.

“The trend TDC for cars assembled in the United States is consistent over time, but both Daimler When Subaru The average content in the United States has dropped significantly, “the summary said. “This could be the result of a shortage of parts and components in the United States, as the pandemic has caused significant disruption to the automotive supply chain.”

Ford Mustang GT tops the list in 2021

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