Ford reintroduces mask requirements in three states

It’s been impossible to turn on the screen for the past few nights, and I haven’t come across some suitable mouthpieces that tell the face cover and social distance to be the peak of fashion by this fall. did. In the real world, this is reflected by governments and businesses reinstate COVID restrictions. General Motors came out early and decided (with encouragement from the UAW) Revive Masking in Missouri..

Now it’s Ford’s turn.

Blue Oval has previously informed Kentucky employees that it will be subject to the same restrictions on Thursday after reinstating masking rules for facilities in two states.according to Automotive News, The rules do not take effect on Kentucky Trucks and the Louisville Parliament until Sunday.

The rules look the same as those lifted by all of the Big Three on July 12th. The reasons Ford stated are the same as those provided earlier in the week when the Missouri and Florida restrictions were announced. I am worried that the increase in infections and the delta variant will make line workers sick. However, while Shawmy produces Ford’s Kansas City assembly plant, Florida has only some parts warehouse / shipping hubs. Restrictions apply to everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated.

from NS:

A Ford spokeswoman reiterated a statement released Tuesday, stating that automakers could make additional changes as needed based on the data. Delta variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 continue to spread throughout the United States

Also this week, Ford said, based on the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US employees need to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 before traveling abroad.

However, Ford’s first decision was actually made shortly before the CDC updated the guidance that vaccinated people would start wearing masks again. The same applies to General Motors. However, the UAW was in talks with healthcare professionals and businesses all year round to determine the best protocol for their individual workplace. They clearly played a factor in GM’s decision to return to masking and probably helped to encourage Ford to do the same.

Stellantis is relatively quiet on this issue, but says GM and Ford plan to put CDC guidance in front of them when deciding on future safety protocols. The updated factory rules did not give us an idea of ​​the temperature of car employees, Some expressed complex emotions about masking at the end of June.. Employee compliance is also said to be loose, and I suspect that later in the game, workers (or employers) may even stick to seriously masking mandates. After all, the original “two weeks to flatten the curve” lasted about 500 days, with fewer and fewer faces covered.

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Ford reintroduces mask requirements in three states

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