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Formal complaint made regarding Joe Roybal’s campaign – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-07-01 13:34:31 –

Colorado Springs — An informal complaint has been officially announced about how El Paso County Sheriff Republican candidate Joe Royval collected signatures to sign ballots.

A February Facebook post on the Dragonman’s Gun Store page (now removed) shows a video of the shooting range owner Melburnstein with current El Paso County Deputy Sheriff Joe Roybal. I did.

In the video, Bernstein, commonly known as the “Dragonman,” offers a $ 5 discount to his shooting range for anyone signing a Loyval petition. Loyval was tasked with collecting 1,000 signatures to guarantee a spot on Republican ballots.

According to state law, candidates are required to report in-kind donations made to support the campaign.

State Law Also, in part, each petition states that “the affidavit has not paid or will not pay in the future, and the affidavit has not, or will pay, directly or indirectly by others. It must be summarized in a statement that it believes that it is not. “Or anything else that is of value to the signer for the purpose of having the signer sign or sign the petition. “

The case is under the jurisdiction of the Fourth District Attorney’s Office, but according to a press release, it also has the authority to request a special counsel in this situation.

According to his office, District Attorney Michael Allen requested that District Attorney Jeff Chostner take over the case as a special counsel, and Mr Chostner agreed. All material received in this regard was handed over to Mr. Hostner’s office. “

In response to the release of the Facebook video on Thursday, Loyval partially said:

“”At the time of the video, I didn’t know that a discount would be offered for each signature I got. I was surprised and didn’t know he was going to make a statement. It wasn’t planned or coordinated with me. After this issue caught my attention, my campaign and I investigated the rules and understood why the question was raised. If I had a complete understanding of the rules at the time, I would have intervened. Now I have a better understanding of the process and will ensure full compliance in the future.“”

You can read Click here for the full text of Loybal..

Many prominent supporters Mayor John Suthers, Fourth Judicial District Attorney Michael Allen, Police Chief Vince Niski (retired), and more are featured on the Loybal campaign website.

Formal complaint made regarding Joe Roybal’s campaign Source link Formal complaint made regarding Joe Roybal’s campaign

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