Former auto body shop worker opens ‘healing’ salt cave in St. Cloud

2021-11-27 17:31:57 –

NS. Cloud — At the age of eight, Christina Peacek dreamed of owning a spa.

When I was an adult, I attended a massage school and took the first step toward that dream, but eventually I decided to work at a car body shop.

A few years later, her father, a veteran adopted by Peacek, died of suicide after years of struggling with painkillers and their side effects.

“He was taking a lot of medicine every day, and I saw him get worse in a very short period of time from this big, muscular, muscular Marine to a very wrinkled person,” says Piesk. I did. “He was prescribed a pill, and he was prescribed a pill because of side effects.”

Peacek, 39, said he began researching alternative medicine after his father’s death. She happened to come across salt therapy.

“I found a salt cave in Groupon,” she said. “I thought,’Let’s do it.’ I did, and I loved it.”

In mid-November, after a five-year plan, Piesk opened Bella Vita Salt Cave in downtown St. Cloud.

“It really makes my dreams come true,” she said. “I want it to be a place of inner love and healing.”

The salt cave is dotted with pink Himalayan salt on the floor and walls, lined with blocks of salt illuminated by thousands of miniature lights. Above the group of five weightless chairs, it looks like a night sky with glittering constellations.

A 40-minute session costs $ 25. Regular guests sit facing the murals of a tropical beach that stretches to the horizon and listen to recordings of gentle waves. And immediately after sitting, they will be able to taste the salt on their lips.

The real “magic” is a machine hidden on the other side of the wall, which disperses small particles of salt into the air.

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, is a homeopathic drug dating back to 19th century Poland. One doctor found that salt mine workers had less breathing problems than other workers and attributed them to the climate inside the salt mine.

There is no scientific evidence to claim that salt therapy can improve the symptoms of allergies and asthma, but supporters such as Piesk say that salt aerosol breathing in a salt chamber, or salt caves distinguished by decoration, causes inflammation. Relieving it can help with breathing problems and skin conditions.

Modern salt therapies usually use pharmaceutical grade salt from the Himalayas or the Dead Sea. Doctors are skeptical about the effectiveness of dry salt therapy, but most medical professionals agree that salt is known to have anti-inflammatory properties when used by patients for nasal irrigation. ..

According to the Salt Therapy Association, an industry group, more than 2,000 facilities offer salt therapy in the United States and Canada, including just a handful in Minnesota.

Bella-Vita’s Salt Cave can also help clients with symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression by the mindfulness it stimulates, Peacek said.

“By sitting quiet for a minute, you can reset and refocus,” she said.

Bella Vita also sells alternative supplements, candles, essential oils, meditation art, linen products, and copper and crystal jewelery.

“Products are primarily from women-owned companies and are organic, hand-poured or hand-made,” says Peacek.

“One of the main things I want to focus on is to be really positive and to reveal what you want in the future,” Piesk said. “Bella-Vita wants to be one of the places where people start learning to love themselves, which means that they will love others, so the world will be a better place.”

Former auto body shop worker opens ‘healing’ salt cave in St. Cloud Source link Former auto body shop worker opens ‘healing’ salt cave in St. Cloud

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