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Benton County, Tennessee (WKRN) — A former Benton County pastor accused of raping a girl is now behind a bar facing multiple counts of statutory rape, but investigators are more victims I’m afraid that there may be.

According to officials, the case involved multiple victims between the ages of 12 and 16, and so far three states have been involved in the jurisdiction.

According to investigators, Josh Henry was a pastor of the Christian Church in Holladi and a volunteer assistant basketball coach at the adjacent Horadi School.

“This is very sad. It’s sad to think that this can be followed by such an authority,” Benton County Security Officer Kenny Christopher told News 2.

The investigation began last Thursday with a 15-year-old victim in the church, but the list of young girls grew rapidly.

“At least three or four will be in our area, and we are in the early stages of investigating this,” he explained.

Henry’s warrant details four cases, almost four years after the latest one in November 2020.

“It’s been happening for a while. Apparently, from what we understand, he probably starts from the grooming stage with some of these girls, feels the girls and leads him to what he wants to do. I tried, “said Sheriff Christopher.

Henry moved near Evansville, Indiana earlier this year. Investigators say he is a youth minister and continues to work in youth camps nationwide.

“It seems that the circle of his victims has grown and expanded.”

Investigators believe that Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and perhaps Arizona are also likely to have victims.

Security officials say Henry took a teenager from Benton County home last week after spending time with him and his wife in Indiana when the investigators arrested him.

“It’s tragic that it happened. It’s tragic that it happened in such a small place that everyone knows,” he explained.

Henry has no criminal history and sheriffs say he is highly respected in the community.

“He was so under the radar that no one thinks he was suspicious,” said 32-year-old Henry, who was married to a young child and another child along the way.

He added that Henry has signed up to serve as director at a youth summer camp in Oklahoma starting next month.

We contacted the Holiday Christian Church and the Washington Avenue Christian Church in India, but have not yet responded.

“This arrest is the result of an extensive and ongoing investigation coordinated by several agencies,” said district attorney Matthew F. Stowe. “I am very pleased with the efforts of the team of all parties. This case is typical of the problems faced by law enforcement agencies when dealing with sexual crimes involving minors and of COVID. It is increasing as a result of the imposition of quarantine. “

Agents from the Federal Investigative Service, Benton County Security Agency, Tennessee State Investigative Service, and District Attorneys’ Office are working on the investigation.

Henry is bound by a $ 500,000 bond in Benton County. He faces three counts of statutory rape by authorities and one count of exacerbations of sexual assault, and even more charges are expected.

If you have information about this investigation, please call Benton County Sheriff’s Office (731) 584-4632.

Former Benton County pastor, coach accused of rape in multiple states Source link Former Benton County pastor, coach accused of rape in multiple states

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