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Florence, South Carolina 2021-07-29 18:22:08 –

Timmonsville, South Carolina (WBTW) – Teachers across the country are preparing for the next school year. For a first-time teacher at Timmonsville, that means returning to the school he attended as a student. Titus Echols wants to be able to connect with students using this common foundation.

“I’m trying to decorate the doors and put the classroom together. I’m very excited,” said Titus Ecoles. “I have no words to explain my excitement.” Echols spent Thursday in the classroom preparing to meet his students for the first time in the school’s open house. He said he wanted to teach from the third grade of junior high school. He remembered one instructor at Blockington Elementary School, his fifth-grade teacher, Mr Brown, who showed him that it was possible.

“There weren’t many male and black teachers, so taking him there served as a representative that you could do this,” Ecoles said. Mr Brown no longer teaches at school, but some of his other teachers do.

“The teacher I work with was my elementary school teacher,” Echols said. So I’m right across from them, they call me Mr. Ecoles, and it’s weird. Echols teaches 5th grade social research. He said students would learn about interesting historical times for him.

“In fifth grade, there are many good things happening in history, like the civil rights movement,” Echols said. He wants to leverage his knowledge of the area to localize these lessons.

“Actually, there are some staff members who were in Timmonsville at the time of racism,” Ecoles said. “I really want them to talk and get some different perspectives.” He also said that his knowledge of Timmonsville made him a better relationship with his students. I hope to help you.

“I’m from here, so I know the students, I know my parents, I know their family,” Echols said. He is part of the Teach For America nonprofit organization. He said Timonsville wasn’t originally one of the areas the program offered, but he was able to pull some strings to make it happen.

Former Brockington Elementary student returns as teacher Source link Former Brockington Elementary student returns as teacher

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